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the so-called liberal wing of the media is saying that the invasion of Gaza was perpetrated to strengthen a faction of the government of Israel in the face of upcoming elections. No, this is a mask, a guise. It is obvious that the real reason for this invasion is to lure the Islamic world into a conflict. Israel knows that Moslems are under religious obligation to defend their bretheren. Especially, they hope to lure Iran into a conflict, BEOFRE Obama takes office. I would love to believe that Obama is the rising voice of vision and hope. Let's see what he does with what Bush has handed him, not that it's up to him anyway.

We already know what Obama is going to do

He is surrounded by Clinton Zionists.
He is keeping the USA Armed forces under CIA command.

Clitary Clinton is Obamas future secretary of State.
She is being advised on the Middle East by Zionist Neocon, PNAC Signatory, Martin Indyk,

Indyk was a top U.S. diplomat under U.S. President Bill Clinton and worked closely with Barak, and he is the present Israeli War minister and responsible for the Gaza war crimes. He is a Former AIPAC director, Former USA Ambassador To Israel, Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs during the Clinton administration, and author of a new book called "Innocence Abroad: USA foreign policy in the Middle East."

Nothing innocent about Indyk and nothing innocent about the USA abroad.

See this video, Indyk spills out the plan and what he wants Americans to believe as the truth about Gaza, but he sinks in a swamp of lies that author "The Holocost Business" Finklestien exposes.

Speaking about the media: Amy Goodman has been pretty good on Gaza coverage, even though she has remained silent on 911. I guess she'll pick up the courage to say inside-job in a week or so.

Another excellent source is Press TV as refered to above.
Both Al Jazeera and Press TV and Al Arabia have aired 911 Truth films last September.

What makes you say that?

"I guess she'll pick up the courage to say inside-job in a week or so."

Well, I'll give it a shot

I think the world is fed up with these Zionist Neocon 911 war on terror wars, all over the world there have been angry demonstrations. Soon we will also have social unrest because of the collapsing economies and the expected free fall of the dollar to worthless paper because of all those (yet to collapse) state run bailout Ponzi schemes. I think people will take Obama at his word, and they think that Obama is for real change. In reality it is a textbook case of "good cop, bad cop".

BTW Joe about Gaza: We haven't heard anything from our friend Bin Ladan. Very odd...He must be in bed with influenza.