Thank You For The Sept 11 Attacks by PeterJ January 11, 2009

January 11, 2009 at 08:34:29

Thank You For The Sept 11 Attacks

by PeterJ

Well, shame on you. You don't believe it? Well then, double shame on you. Do you truly believe that an administration would deliberately run itself into the ground, take on the heat and sheer hatred of the entire world by mistake? Of course not, they had ulterior motives and they sure weren't to run this nation in a fruitful and productive way to the benefit of its' people. Who do you suppose that they were running it for then?

Thank You For 9-11! Thank you?
What an odd thing to say.
Why on earth would anyone be thankful for that horrendous event? Well, until 9-11 our country was on a slow downward spiral. So slow it was that most weren't paying much attention. Despite statistics the American worker was in dire straits. We were living on 1980's wages and the middle class was shrinking while the top 20% were enjoying a lucrative run thanks to the top 2%, the Elite. No one paid much attention as our jobs were being shipped overseas, Wal-Marts had begun opening Super Wal-Marts forcing more and more local business men to close their doors as they were establishing a new lower wage concept and organized thought control exercises on their employees nationwide. Our standards of living and the quality of our products were in a downward spiral. If you listened, you could almost hear the flush. The problem was that no one was listening.
The attacks on 9-11 changed all of that.
Whoever had the idea to blow down those buildings opened our eyes for the first time in almost fifty years to the fact that there are powers beyond our government who are the true rulers of our world and gave to us the first real opportunity to discover and eliminate the entity which has come to be known as "the Elite" or as I call them, the "Establishment". They allowed us to see, by their blunders and arrogance, that we've come full circle from the sixties and it's time to finish what we've started. A Revolution. We learned in the sixties that violence was not the answer to the problem, that it only redirected the blame. We hadn't been prepared for such an event. I sort of sprang on us out of anger and desperation over Viet Nam and the draft, fueled by weed, acid and contempt. We were young, almost child like, you might say. When we had a string of assassinations perpetrated by these same people who we're fighting now we were so naive, no one could, or would, wrap their head around our own government having our beloved president killed.
Well, that was then and now we've matured and most of us have no problem with believing anything about our leaders. So, we can thank them. Thanks for toughening up our skin, exposing us to the real world, the one which is made up of men and women who profess themselves leaders, then take massive bribes, conduct their sexual affairs in the Lincoln bedroom, meet each other from under the stall in the men's room and have vast collections of Kiddy Porn at their disposal. Not to mention the most important people of all, that 2 % who are determined to reduce the population with wars, keep us in debt by not earning enough to keep up with inflation, who are taking away our freedoms by instituting laws like the Patriot Act, are trying to turn us into another China and have assassinated our leaders and now, attacked our cities and our people.
Yes, the Towers will not be the only things to fall. This time they went a little bit too far. They murdered, in absolute cold blood, in front of the entire world, almost three thousand men and women. They gave us footage, from several different angles, providing proof of explosions, types of flame indicative of temperatures and materials burning, angles of collapse, everything needed, in a real court of law, in front of real competent witnesses to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that planes did not topple those structures. Once it's been established that there were inside connections in the attacks it is obvious who the perpetrators are. It's just a matter of getting to the top and when they're facing the firing squad people like Giuliani will be climbing over bodies to tell his story. Of course we'll find the usual scapegoats, tossed to the lions but this will be just a snack. There's no way that this ends with Bush and Cheney. The nature of these crimes will take us to the organization who was pulling strings on WWll to the Kennedy assassinations and everything in between. Of course, the organization I'm talking about is the Establishment. These "Elite" are not the Seven Dwarfs, lurking in the mystical woods. They are as real as it gets, unfortunately. They are undoing the very fabric of our Country as they have been since the began the Federal Reserve in 1913 and for once we have them dead to rights and as all powerful as they are they will be up against a document and a court system which, used properly and righteously is the most powerful instrument in the world. For once, given this chance, we must use it.
This is not a choice. This is why the Constitution was written.
Our forefathers knew from experience that tyrants such as these would eventually emerge and knowing the full nature of the human being realized that it would not be recognized nor would there be anyone who would know how to fight them back. They gave us the Constitution with step by step instructions on how to use it.
Without it we would now be doomed. Because of it we will be a bigger, better, stronger Nation than ever before. Behind us will be the follies of their wars, the scars of their assassinations, the stench of their racism. They are not an intangible group, they can be touched. They are not infallible, they have been quite wrong and they are, most of all, not immortal. They most certainly will die.
Now it's up to us, the American people, to sweep them up and throw them away in any way possible.
We've been shown much about the workings of these people in the past eight years. I don't think I've ever seen them play so close to the surface as they have recently. Carl Rove is a master player, the banker if you will, in their game of Monopoly. It's not been a pretty game. As I've said many times before, "sit six people down to play Monopoly and there will be only one winner at the end. Everyone else goes broke". This is what they want for us and the game is coming to an end. Who comes out on op is up to us.
There will be change in America. Do I believe this because Barack Obama has won the election? No, of course not. Who we vote for has very little to do with change. As a matter of fact, since we turned our banking system over to them one hundred years ago our vote has been a joke. If we vote for someone that they disapprove of the just kill them. As far as our politicians in DC go we are on our own. They aren't capable of changing anything but we need their help as they will need ours. Only we can enforce change by working together. First though, we must differentiate between "we" and "them". "We" are definitely the majority of Americans who are losing everything. We're losing jobs, careers, money, homes, hope and most of all, our freedom.
I believe that if we polled eight years ago our numbers were less than half of who we are now so thanks again to them for strengthening our numbers.
Those of us who were aware of the reality back then are now weary. We knew what was happening before and as it was happening. On 9-11, most Americans were shocked with disbelief while some of us were waiting for the next blow, the setting of the hook. Others were ready to bomb anyone from Russia to Iran. The machine was now in play. The machine is the tool or compilation of tools used by "them".
In case there's any question as to who they are here's a simplistic synopsis. They are a powerful group of people who make up about 2% of the population with a wealth so far beyond description that money doesn't really matter to them in the scheme of things, (money only matters to us). These are the elite, so far above everyone else that they don't even realize that we exist or the problems which they create for us as they play their game of monopoly. For them it's almost sport, for the rest of us it's life and death. They've been playing for thousands of years but the years which matter most to us now began in the early twentieth century when Amschel Rothschild brought us the Federal Reserve Banking system..
As Alan Greenspan said, "He who controls the money, controls everything". I have no doubt that he understood the vastness of that truth whereas for most it was a quaint little quip, given no more thought to than the dessert menu.
The bottom line is, though, that the Federal Reserve instantly became the ruler of everything money and has been behind the decision making policy of every ruler, republican or democrat, since its' inception. The purpose of the Federal Reserve, however, does not serve our needs, silly us. It's the personal bank account of the Establishment. It controls everything from interest rates to the IRS. Just look around at the havoc they can reek. Inflation's up, it's down, job's are up, they're down,, hell, gas is up to over four dollars a gallon, in a month they're down to under two and now they're heading back up again. It's the boldest shell game in town and anyone who thinks that they can't ever lose is a fool.
How many of you, honestly, voted for George W. in 2000? How'd you feel in 2004? How about now? Can you now see, in retrospect, the duplicity which took place to put "W" in the presidency? Did you ever ask yourself "why"? The Establishment needed someone in office who would dance to their tune no matter how bad it made him look or how terrible the outcome, just so long as the outcome suited them. Outcomes such as wars which made no sense and laws which could serve no one. Bush is convinced that his actions will serve him well in history as he has served his class well. That is their world, their history that they're protecting, not ours. Do you now realize the duplicity which brought us "the Patriot Act"? The government say's that the act is there strictly to protect us. Most say it was pushed through too quickly and without oversight and could be used in any number of ways to apprehend, imprison, detain and interrogate any citizen it sees fit in the event of an internal uprising. This I believe. No one is looking out for our best interest.
This is why I thank the people who instigated and allowed the 9-11 attacks. Ten years ago while this rape of our middle class, our nation, our rights was all going on we were asleep at the wheel. We were naive, uneducated, afraid, incredulous. If you spoke of these things, these theories, you may have well lined your hat with aluminum foil. Nobody believes the truth in this country unless it headlines in the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, MSNBC or the almighty FOX. If it ain't there it ain't truth.
Because no power is ever enough for these greedy pigs and they believe themselves gods they perpetrated a deed so ugly, so horrific that they never believed that their good names would ever be questioned. They were very wrong. I, along with the majority of Americans believe indubitably that there was inside involvement. The Establishment bit off two skyscrapers and a piece of the Pentagon and as most of you have demonstrated, we want the truth.
It's taking a little while but it's coming because every person who loses a job or a house, every soldier who comes home from the Middle East to get the real story, every investor who loses their ass in the stock market, their 401K , their life savings, their family in the process, is becoming another soldier in the army seeking the truth. This is the real truth, nothing else matters because all roads lead to the truth on this highway.This is the 9-11 Truth. We want to know what happened, why it happened, how it happened and who were the people who allowed it to happen. I believe, along with hundreds of thousands of others, that we can and will get to the absolute truth. It seems almost an impossible task but so did defeating the Mafia. Fifty years ago they couldn't be touched.They were in collusion with high ranking law officials as far up as the CIA and the FBI. Then the RICO Act was passed and it changed everything. People who previously couldn't be touched were now taken down for tax evasion, of all things. Once people saw that even crime bosses went away they started speaking out. They'd rather save their own asses and live then try their luck on the streets. When Joe Valachi brought down the Genovese family he also made the "Cosa Nostra" a household name. Since then the "Mafia all but ceased to exist. As they do they are small factions or families with no where near the power that they wielded in the forties to the sixties when they played a vital role in politics even to the point that they played a roll in government assassinations. I bring this up in order to demonstrate how a particular party who is holding powers so vast that they appear untouchable can be torn asunder and cast aside in a matter of decades. I believe that this is the decade that the Establishment will fall.
This will bring you to a site with four separate petitions you can sign, all important to the movement.
Here you can sign a very important petition and get much information and links which will enlighten you.
Don't give up, don't be distracted, there are several members where who have focused heavily on 9-11 such as Mr M. who has dedicated himself almost entirely to the 9-11 Truth. Pay attention to them when they have something to say. And remember, 9-11 is what it's all about. This is the key to bringing down the Establishment, their Achilles Heel. This is where they screwed up. It was inevitable. There were too many people involved with big mouths. Just look at Giuliani. He was running his mouth before the second plane hit he was so anxious to be "somebody". This just proves that everyone is good for something. Even Rudy!
Remember, it's not just 9-11 Truth. It's" 9-11 Truth From The Top"!
We're going to win this war, People! We must. Our future and our freedom depends on it.
Life is what happens while we're busy making other plans.
John Lennon

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I was born in 1951. I had the benefit of experiencing the naïveté of the 50', The Ozzie and Harriet years, when Dad went to work in a suit and tie and Mom stayed home in high heals and an apron. Yea, that was life for me. I lived in a predominantly Irish neighborhood in South Boston. My Grandmother and Grandfather came to America from Sicily in the early 1900's and finally settled in "Southie", opening one of the many corner markets, a grocery and butcher shop. They learned English and made sure that it was the first language of their 7 children, 3 sons, my father the oldest of all of the children and 4 daughters. My Grandfather died with throat cancer in 1943, which brought my Father home from Panama, where he was stationed with the Army, to run the family business, as the others were still children. My Dad basically took on the role of Father to his brothers and sisters and along with my Grandmother, kept the family going. When my Father met my Mother he was 29 and she,20.They married in 1950 and when I was born in 51 they moved into the 3rd floor flat above the store where my Grandmother occupied the 2nd floor. I had one great advantage while growing up in the 50s. My cousin Janet, who was several years my elder, kept me attuned to the music and the lifestyle of teens of the era.I was also very sensitive to politics at a very young age. When Kennedy ran for president in 60 I actually helped campaign by passing out flyers and buttons at rallies. When he was murdered in 63, even at my young age, I felt a twinge of distrust of the government, as though something wasn't being said.That feeling stayed and amplified throughout every other assassination and demonstration and by the late 60s I was a full blown radical.Not in the sense that I was for peace and love but that I was against war and propaganda.In 1970 I moved to Florida. I met a "hippie" girl, got married and had a beautiful daughter. I now had to support a family so I put aside (as much as I could) my nonconformist ways and worked hard to advance myself into a career position with a New York based car rental co. As time went on my "hippie" wife came to love the material world which for me was just a means of survival. When the firm filed chapter 11 and sold all assets to another company (which turned out to be the largest car rental co. in the country)I lost my job. My no longer hippie wife divorced me, I filed bankruptcy, my house foreclosed and what was left went to her.I learned a great lesson in corporate loyalty and would never give myself over to a conglomerate again. Losing my daughter was devastating and I turned back to my old ways of drinking and drugs. Although I was responsible and worked and paid bills I sank deeper into a dangerous lifestyle.This continued until the late 80s when I met my current wife,Cindy. She helped me change my ways and things were great until the late 90s when I began developing symptoms which dr.s had a difficult time diagnosing. Through several years of excruciating pain,tests,scans and surgeries finally left me out of work and disabled with a multitude of problems.Now, I keep busy reading,writing, playing my guitar, taking care of my Lhasa Apso, Dusty, Cocker Spaniel named Lady, 19 yr old kitten,Chloe and my Green Cheek Conure named Sarge who is my constant companion. My wife, Cindy, saved my life in many ways and I'll never figure out why she keeps me around. Most times I even annoy myself. I love her dearly. She's my life. We share interests in collecting US coins and stamps, an occasional game of pool(she always destroys me)and when we can afford it,which isn't often,travel. After all we've been through I feel fortunate for what we have and though we don't have much what infuriates me is that we are better off than 70% of the people in this country. Any person who is willing to work should be able to live a comfortable life in this country. Me? As long as I have her I don't need much else, except maybe, to change the world.