Praise for the Rock Creek Free Press from Paul Craig Roberts

I have a soft spot in my heart for Paul Craig Roberts, as it was reading one of his columns in summer 2007 that got me started investigating 9/11. He is also a fan and frequent contributor to the Rock Creek Free Press, a newspaper produced and distributed by DC 911 Truth. Subscriptions to the Creek are just $20/year -- an incredible bargain, as each issue is chock-full of important and under-reported news. An actual newspaper shows up in your mailbox--this is not about access to a website.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan and served as editor of the Wall St Journal.

In his Jan 7 column, Roberts wrote:

"The Rock Creek Free Press is terrific. After reading one issue, you will waste no more time on the "mainstream media." The Rock Creek Free Press is likely to rescue even the dullest mind from its brainwashed state."

Personally I don't think it

Personally I don't think it helps our work to mix 9/11 issues with articles titled "Everything You Know About AIDS is Wrong," and "A Call for a Re-evaluation of the AIDS Dogma".

The second article is based on research that appears to describe cases of misdiagnosis ("syphilis is being missed or misdiagnosed as AIDS"), but not overtly, as the title implies, a questioning of the entire premise of AIDS. Does the original article actually question all AIDS diagnoses? We cannot know since we cannot access it.

Additionally, although the original misdiagnosis finding appears to be merely that -- the issue of cases of misdiagnosis of lyme, syphillus, etc as AIDS (misdiagnoses of many diseases are not uncommon) -- the rest of the article makes a far more broad assertion without references, that, "Is it possible that HIV and other retroviruses are not disease-causing agents at all, but are rather genetic messages being passed between symbiotic partner cells? If so, that would explain why AIDS vaccine trials failed so spectacularly." If that's what the original misdiagnosis article states, that should be in quotes. If not, this is pretty broad speculation.

If the original is what publications like the American Free Press and Arctic Beacon do -- take a snippet of someone's research findings or quotes and then elaborate far beyond the original report for the purposes of hype without any actual science, quotes or links to back up the claims.

I think these types of articles have the potential to turn off more people because the average American considers the views that HIV does not cause AIDS to be hoax and fringe so ultimately that discredits our work. It would have been better just to reprint Margulis' original article and let it stand.

Ultimately, mixing "AIDS isn't real" with 9/11 will mainly detract from 9/11 truth work credibility.

The average person is often wrong

Especially if they are drinking the Kool-Aid from the MSM and haven't done their own research.

We are not "mixing" other topics with 9/11 truth, we are producing a newspaper. A newspaper that tells the truth on a variety of topics.

The assertions in the article are backed up by the facts. As with 9/11, it is just a matter of time before the truth is known by all.

Also, a question is not an assertion, as you seem to think:

...the rest of the article makes a far more broad assertion without references, that, "Is it possible that HIV and other retroviruses are not disease-causing agents at all, but are rather genetic messages being passed between symbiotic partner cells?

Sheila, Victoria is


Victoria is employing the hackneyed notion that 9/11 truth is to be kept isolated in its own little box, dissociated from all other deceptions, scams, and bullshit "consensus realities" -- that if we keep using the years'-old tactics that haven't effected real change (pounding on the minutia of the WTC and gatekeeping the truthers), we can pat ourselves on the back for the effort and celebrate internecine achievements until the "movement" eats itself like a boa constrictor's tail. If she and her pals would like to produce a 9/11-exclusive newspaper of quality, they should get off the boards and get busy. We'll compare results.

This paper has been successful (and merited the attention of PCR) precisely because it is NOT limited to 9/11. In fact, there have been more favorable comments from readers on the health articles than on any others, in part because health is personal and immediate -- not to mention that one would have to be stuffed blindfolded in that same artificial box to be unaware of the utter failure of the modern allopathic medical model. When folks later check out the veracity of the health articles, they become more interested in the rest.

Additionally, there has been growing awareness within the AIDS community that something is very wrong within the current diagnosis and treatment paradigm. Washington, DC has one of the highest rates of AIDS in the country. This article (which was actually quite restrained), backed with excellent references, will attract a lot of attention -- and people will also be exposed to a healthy dose of 9/11 truth via those brave blue vending boxes.

>>Additionally, there has

>>Additionally, there has been growing awareness within the AIDS community that something is very wrong within the current diagnosis and treatment paradigm.

Where's the proof of that? I've seen only the opposite in the SF Bay Area where it is a priority issue.

Think outside that gated blog cubicle

Vicci - Your response doesn't follow. The question is not whether it is an issue of priority within the SF community, it is whether the entire basis of the model is flawed and patients are being hoodwinked.

You clearly haven't spent any time studying the issue. If you're waiting for the mainstream media to promote a giant "my bad" from the leviathan AIDS, Inc., I've got a lot of nifty 9/11 stories I'd like you to pass on as well.

RCFP health articles

I suppose we could have a paper with just 9/11 articles in it... not sure how well that would work. We do an average of 20 articles per issue so that would be 20 articles about 9/11truth every month. Wow, not sure there is much of a market for that paper, I'm not sure even I want to read that much about 911... at least we wouldn't need to print as many copies.

Or... we could just publish articles where there is no controversy, based on main stream media reports repeating the government line... just like a "real" newspaper, of course we'd have to stop publishing 9/11truth articles in that case, or maybe we could get those Popular Mechanics guys to write some....

Instead we decided that the Rock Creek Free Press would print the stories that other papers won't cover. We cover stories people won't read anywhere else.... like the disintegration of the AIDS dogma. I guess you're not aware that the entire AIDS research edifice is crumbling like a house of cards on a foundation of sand.... maybe that's because the corporate press isn't covering the issue. That's why people read the Creek, and more people read the Creek every month--20,000 copies this month, over 300,000 papers printed so far, and there is at least one 9/11truth story (usually more than one) in every issue.

People are interested in health issues like vaccines, fluoride, nutrasuticals, AIDS and others. Most people know (or suspect) we are being deceived by Big PhRMA and the FDA. If you can demonstrate that government is lying about one issue (like health), it makes it easier for people to consider the possibility that government could be lying about another (like 9/11). The fact is, we get more reader mail about health articles than any other category.

We stand by out reporting on AIDS and we have another (short) article about AIDS in the upcoming issue.


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