Banned at High School

Robert Wanek reports that students at his high school are blocked from visiting and several other activist websites."Students have been banned from going on It has been deemed inappropriate."


Thanks for the heads up Cosmos

Truth itself is Revolutionary.

If they are banning it, they are afraid.

Nothimg more tempting for young minds like Forbidden Fruit. Especially a website.

They are doing us a favour. We have to CAPITALIZE on this.







People everywhere just HAVE to tell kids to NEVER NEVER visit
We should print t-shirts, caps etc with such slogans.

And there is NOTHING they can do to stop us.

Since its their IDEA after all to ban it.

How about asking Funding from the Department of Education, the respecitve Boards of Education to print posters, banners etc to warn our precious young citizens of the terrible SIN of visiting


In fact DO TELL them AT ALL COSTS to avoid,

That'll work. In a heartbeat.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

It may not be the school's fault....

It may not be the "school" per say, as in the principal and teachers, but simply the software the school uses. St. Bernard software via Iprizm, for example, is a common school corporation internet filtering software and it blocked numerous alternative news websites.
What the poster should do is find out what software company the school is using. From there, contact the company and try determine the criteria they use to block websites and why issues relating to 9/11 truth, the NWO, etc. are blocked. Then you might have something.

I did not hear in the video Robert if you did anything about the filtering. Robert, ask a teacher, or better yet the principal, to simply unblock the website. Do it with kindness, respect, and in the genuine interest in education. But before you do that, explain to him/her/them that it is simply an alternative news site that is appropriate for high school students and has nothing to do with anything that shouldn't be in school and encourage them to look at the websites themselves. If they object after they view the contact, then you can sit down and explain that there are two sides to every story and in the interest of historical research, etc, it is beneficial to have the websites unblocked.

Good luck!

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Robert, if you can see this

keep up the great work you're doing at your school. Keep getting the truth out and never waiver in your beliefs.

Cruel and unusual punishment

Why must we be force-fed with beat 'music' in order to hear an interview? Are people so noise-dependent that they cannot concentrate without a constant drip-feed of 'music'?
It is extremely irritating and an insult to those who are not noise druggies.