FOX Commentator states WTC 7 "would collapse in a southerly direction"

Yet another instance of WTC 7 foreknowledge. This time describing the manner in which the building would fall.

Seven actually fell into a "tidy" rubble pile.

Seven actually fell into a "tidy" rubble pile.

But we all know that.

WTC7 Full Length Feature Film!!!!

There is so much on 7 now that a Full Length (1.5-2 HRS) Feature Film could be made.

History of 7
its construction
Giuliani's Bunker
Forewarnings of Demo
BBC's (smokin' Jump the Gun) announcement
Larry's Admission
Larry's "what he meant"
Barry Jennings
Barry Jennings EDIT (BBC)
Barry Jennings Mysterious Death
Commission Omission
Sprinkler System Disabled
7 in films
7 on youtube, google
Molten Metal, Thermal images
Photoshopped Images
"The Gouge"
"The Gouge" dismissed
The TIDY rubble pile
NIST promises report
NIST Delays
NIST final word
NIST Report Debunked
Comparisons to admitted DEMOS
What it means
Why WTC7 Matters

What else could be added?


Nice list.. Worthy concept.

I second that

A Building 7 movie would be very powerful, and can be considered less 'controversial' in respect to its victims, since presumably there were none. Great list and great idea.

Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.

~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Found some videos on that site

I found some videos on that link you posted and added them to my YouTube account, any ideas who shot this?

Please let me know, I have about 6 others up on my account.


Dave Nehring

Steve Spak

Steve Spak was the photographer. A FDNY firefighter and photographer. You'll find the DVD from the photographer, on sale here: It's titled, "WTC 9-11-01 Day of Disaster" also you can find it on

Building 7 Movie

Great idea, Joe! This is what the movement needs to give it a boost. A Building 7 documentary with a theater release. A narrow scope that presents compelling evidence that would be ostensibly less controversial because it would not be "exploiting" any deaths. There should be a distributor for this! The mystery angle.... "What happened to WTC 7?" The Mysterious Case of Building 7

Enigs, can you do it? Joe? Michael Moore? Spurlock? A celebrity narrator in between clips and interviews... Charlie, Rosie

Get Martin Sheen to narrate. Or even Willie Nelson. It needs star power and a theater release..................

How could they know which direction it would fall?

This is new in the additional sense that somebody, who Fox News apparantly trusted, was speculating that the building would fall in a southerly direction. How could they even speculate that, concerning a building with a footprint as large as a football field, short of the entire south face being completely gouged out and the building listing that way? We now know neither of those things were the reality. The building was also heavier on the north side.


He said WTC 1 and 2

fell in a northerly direction. Really? Is straight down "northerly"?


Northerly must mean exploded into dust and southerly must mean imploded into a neat pile in it's own footprint. Media - never ceases to entertain us...

Thanks Rep, I'm honored, I

Thanks Rep, I'm honored, I will keep digging and hopefully find more like this. Take care everyone.

Slightly OT... HELP WANTED Professional Pilots' Rumour Network. Lively discussion of Blueprint for Truth, here:

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Not that great of video

You would expect that if there was damage to the south side, and they "thought" it was going to fall, and you use physics, you would come to the conclusion it would fall south. This sounds like a reasonable conclusion to me. Doesn't prove much more then we already know.