Sense of Conspiracy

A Sense of Conspiracy
by Manny Badillo,

BROOKLYN, NY – The mainstream media continues to refuse to comment on, or cover the factual events of, Sept. 11th, 2001, this time specifically the fact World Trade Center Building seven was planned to come down.

When MSNBC asked FDNY Lieutenant David Rastuccio during a live broadcast after the last demolition on the afternoon of Sept. 11th, 2001, “You guys knew this was coming all day?”. Rastuccio then replied, “We had heard reports that the building was unstable, and that it eventually would either come down on its own, or it would be taken down.”

The FDNY Lieutenant’s comments directly corroborate what the leaseholder Larry Silverstein described in a PBS report as a decision to literally pull the building. Why is it our mainstream media decline to further investigate their own reports?

Who told the this Lieutenant and the rest of the FDNY, who told the mainstream media, who said the buildings were going to come down? From what one can imply with these facts alone, whoever told everyone that day the buildings were going to come down at the very least knew the event was going to happen.

Any truly investigative organization would deem it very significant that Rastuccio tells of how the demolition of a 47-story skyscraper across the street from the WTC complex was expected and planned. Why is the mainstream media refusing to do their job?

Even MSNBC’s Pete Williams, in an interview with, refuses to comment on the attacks and the premature mainstream media reports of WTC7 coming down. “In terms of my opinion, it’s not even something I want to express.”

Unlike Williams, BBC’s Phil Hayton, who actually reported the demolition 26 minutes before WTC7 was brought down, says in an interview with, “This sounds so significant. I’m just amazed I just did not know about this. This is completely news to me. I sense that you think there’s a conspiracy here – you might be right.”

Hundreds of survivors and hero first responders also corroborate what all mainstream news station reporters mention about explosions going off throughout the area. This video in particular indicates a direct foreknowledge of the demolition in that Rastuccio explains how he was told the building would be taken down. Where has the mainstream media been all these years?

The Solomon Brothers building, also known as WTC7, was never hit by a plane, fell symmetrically into its own footprint at free fall speed on the day of the attacks. This skyscraper would have been the tallest in 33 states and was home to the largest CIA office outside of Langley, VA, yet the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks refused to mention but one sentence about the building or its demise in their final report.

Unsurprisingly, the chemical signatures found in independently peer-reviewed empirical evidence prove that indeed explosive and cutting charges were used to take down all three towers which fell that day. Why does the mainstream media continue to act as though they are complicit in the grand cover-up of the psychological operation otherwise known as the attacks of 9/11?

Bob McIlvaine, a 9/11 victims’ family member who consistently cites a range of factual evidence in solving the case of his son’s murder, said, “My son was murdered and the story they [the U.S. Govt.] have given us is all bull. They [The Commissioners] were mandated not to blame anyone.”

McIlvaine continues, “These [The Commission] are the gatekeepers of the Govt., so somehow, someway, and really it’s up to the press, and there’s a lot of people out there in the alternative press that are pressing these issues, but we have to get mainstream press. Once they [mainstream media] come out and start talking about this, then maybe the people of this country will realize that this is going to happen, that we will hold these people accountable.”

WTC7 Full Length Feature Film!!!!

There is so much on 7 now that a Full Length (1.5-2 HRS) Feature Film could be made.

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What else could be added?

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I think you can add the "evidence of severe high temperature corrosion attack" found by FEMA.
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Michael Hess (who was with Barry Jennings)

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