Error In The 9/11 Commission Report Sheds Light On Flight 93's Whereabouts On September 11, 2001

While researching for a previous article the precise times that each of the four 9/11 hijacked aircraft had deviated from their respective flight plans, I came upon a curious remark in the 9/11 Commission Report. The remark dealt with United Airlines Flight 175 (Flight 175), the second hijacked aircraft that crashed into the World Trade Center at 09:03. The particular remark accompanies the last timeline entry listed for the flight at 09:20, and reads, "UA headquarters aware that Flight 175 had crashed into WTC".

This time is incorrect. United Airlines Headquarters became aware of Flight 175’s impact into Two World Trade Center as soon as the aircraft crashed at 09:03. How did United Airlines learn so quickly where and into what Flight 175 crashed?

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