Live Broadcast of Eric Holder Confirmation Hearing on No Lies Radio Thursday Jan 15th at 6am Pacific – 9am Eastern

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Coming up LIVE Thursday, Jan 15th at 6am Pacific - 9am Eastern - 14:00 GMT
Live Broadcast: Eric Holder Senate Confirmation Hearing for Attorney General

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Who is the real Eric Holder? Is he a real civil rights advocate who recently made a speech advocating the closing of Gitmo and the stopping of rendition, torture, and warrantless secret domestic searches and wiretaps? Is he a coverup attorney who has been accused of deflecting press attention from a possible murder of a witness regarding the government's culpilbility in the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing and defending Chiquita Brands role in the funding of death squads in Columbia? Or is he simply a slimy lawyer accused of infuence peddling in his role in the pardon of Mark Rich in the Clinton Whitehouse?

Listen to the hearings and YOU DECIDE.

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No Lies Radio will broadcast LIVE the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for Attorney General nominee Eric Holder. This is Pacifica Radio Network's exciting live coverage of the hearing including alternative viewpoints of the process with special progressive guests and analysts. HOSTED by KPFA's Aimee Allison and Philip Maldari. PRODUCED by Mitch Jeserich and Laura Prives.