Programmers Needed: WeAreChange Project: Code Red

Are you a computer programmer? We Are Change needs you!

Yo Brian.

I posted this over at the programming section of Reddit and one guy got pissed about the "SMTP Spamming" and "Email Harvesting" aspect of the job. Said he didn't want to be a part of that.

I had a hard time disagreeing with him. Could you give or get an explanation for that. Peace.

We Are Change is where its at. We need to grow it and fund it and spread it.

Hey man

Although I am not the brainchild of this particular project, I assume that the spamming and email harvesting would be toward spreading 9/11 truth and other pertinent information, which is worlds apart from selling viagra or whatnot. But we appreciate the feedback and keep up all your great work my friend!