"We Are Creating Bombers": Israelis

"We Are Creating Bombers": Israelis


Outraged by the cold-blood killings of Palestinian children and women in the Gaza Strip, Israeli soldiers are growing disillusioned with Israel's claim of self-defense against Palestinian "terrorists" in the bombed-out strip.

"It's not a war of defense," paratrooper Yitzchak Ben Mocha told the Guardian on Saturday, January 17.

"We are creating a thousand suicide bombers for the future from the brothers of the dead, the sons of the dead ... in the long term, we are creating more terror."

The 25-year-old soldier has refused to join the army in its deadly offensive in Gaza, home to 1.6 million people, to stop the Palestinian rocket fire.

"You can't separate the war in Gaza from the fact that the Palestinian nation is under occupation for more than 40 years," said Ben Mocha.

"I'm not justifying Hamas firing rockets but we Israelis should first look at what we are doing."

Israeli troops killed more than 1,203 people, including 410 children and 108 women, in a 22-day deadly blitz in Gaza.

More than 5,300 people have been wounded, including 1,800 children.

Six people, including a woman and a child, were killed early Saturday in an Israeli attack on a UN-run school in the northern town of Beit Lahiya.

A two-year-old baby and three other people were also killed in a series of Israeli raids across the bombed-out strip.

"Killing innocent civilians cannot be justified," said No'em Levna, a first lieutenant in the Israeli army, who was jailed for refusing to join the Israeli onslaught in Gaza.

"Nothing justifies this kind of killing."


Ben Mocha said that he was disillusioned with Israeli claims that the Israeli army was fighting "terror" groups in Gaza.

"(We found ourselves) suppressing Palestinian aspirations for freedom and putting down protests of Palestinian farmers against the incontinent theft of their lands."

Ben Mocha said that Israeli soldiers are abusing Palestinian civilians in Gaza, citing the army's use of Palestinian civilians as human shields.

"I recognize the necessity of Israel to have a strong defensive army but I'm no longer going to play a part in 40 years of occupation.

"I told the army I will report for training so that I can always be ready to defend Israel, but attacking Gaza and perpetuating occupation is not defending Israel."

The deadly Israeli blitzes have already stirred mounting calls for soldiers to shy away from joining the attacks in Gaza.

"The brutal, unprecedented violence in Gaza is shocking," the Israeli refuseniks organization, Courage to Refuse, said in a newspaper ad.

"The false hope that this kind of violence will bring security to Israelis is all the more dangerous.

"We cannot stand aside while hundreds of civilians are being butchered by the IDF [Israel Defense Force]."

Israeli soldiers say that the cold-blood killings of Palestinian civilians by their army are fueling hatred, which Israel will pay back dearly.

"It is Israeli arrogance based on logic," said Levna.

"It's saying, 'if we hit more, everything will be okay'. But the hatred and anger we are planting in Gaza will rebound on us."

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On 15 January 2009, the UK parliament discussed Gaza.


A veteran British Jewish lawmaker, Sir Gerald Kaufman, compared the Israeli offensive in Gaza to the Nazis who forced his family to flee from Poland.

“It is time for our government to make clear to the Israeli government that its conduct and policies are unacceptable and to impose a total arms ban on Israel.”

- Jewish British lawmaker likens Israel to Nazis


Both the UK Labour and Conservative parties have Members of Parliament who are ‘Friends of Israel.’

These are similar to the UK fascists in the 1930s who were fans of Hitler.......

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