Astonishing fireballs,directed arson and insight in the preparator's mind.

Astonishing fireballs,directed arson and insight in the preparator's mind.


This is my third post here,it's part of my tetralogy on WTC 1 and 2 collapses,the first post tried explain why NIST failed to properly address the precollapse inward bowing,the second post describes what really lead to the inward bowing,and the third post will be about immediate seconds before and after the collapse initiations)

Let me start with this basic premise:

9/11 was an shock and awe campaign.Let me to guide you through possible thoughts of the World Trade Center demolition preparators and try to compare the outcome with reality.This time I will not offer you „hard physical“ evidence,I'll show you a logical frame.

Let's start with this amazing photo

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The basic goal of psy-op operation is to astonish the public to a highest possible degree.I'll explain you that this photo isn't a coincidence.

An action movie.

A lot of action movies uses the fireball visual effect,as a replacement for explosion.This fireball is printed into the minds of Americans and europeans.It's iconic thing.The preparators wanted public to see a big fireball!But-They also wanted a big fire and collapsing towers(everything will be explained in the rest of this article),but lets settle with the fact that this photo was used as a first page photo in big number of news papers and magazines..(+tv).No it weren't the collapses.A steady photo of falling tower isn't as exciting as a big fireball and it also shows the cause (planes used as weapons)'s more illustrative than anything...

The big fireball problem and impact angles of the planes.

You can't have it both ways
The preparators had to make a decision.You have to decide between big fire and big fireball.If you crash plane directly into the center of the tower-the fuselage will break the floor(...)-and create floor wide fire.The jet fuel will be stopped by the building's content->no big fireball.

Angle shot?
Yes,you have another option!You can crash the plane in such a way,that majority of the plane will not touch the core (exterior wall->exterior wall trajectory).You will end up with a small,restricted fire.But-you will get a big fireball,because the jet fuel can exit the building.

What,where and when.

Now-our preparator has two options,and he can't decide what to do,what is better?
Let's say that the wind is blowing in one direction.So it doesn't really matter.The smoke will appear (to a causal observator) as if it's coming from both buildings.

In reality the smoke will be only from one tower,the second tower will have no bearing at the picture.So-They could afford one smoldering tower->and one fireball,two big fireballs wouldn't be a possible option,because there would be no source of heavy smoke....the two fireball option would also cause absence of towering infernos inside the towers,after that day you wouldn't be able to find a picture of a decent fire.


So,we can make one one fireball and one big fire.Which tower should suffer from the fireball and which should suffer from the major fires?

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(note:the south tower core orientation is wrong,the plane impacts the shorter side of the core,taken from wikipedia :-)


A spectacle has no reason when there's no one to look at it.Fire has long duration,fireball not.
This is why they decided to impact the north tower first,in such an angle that it caused floor wide fires.This fires created majority of the smoke which was seen for the next 102minutes.
There was no point in creating a spectacular fireball,because there were almost no cameras/eyes pointed at the WTC1 when the AA11 impacted the north facade......
South tower was the exact opposite,there were millions of people looking at the towers at the moment of the impact->they crashed the plane to cause the huge fireball,for all people to see.So,as you see it was not an coincidence,that the south tower had bigger fireball.

North Tower impact videos – no or almost no fireball

South Tower impact

this video illustrates the exterior wall-exterior wall trajectory

the fires:
North Tower heavy burning,while South Tower produces only a small amount of smoke

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the fires:

Nort Tower,south face...heavy burning...we'll discus it latter...

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West face

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South Tower,east face,almost no fire.

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„Now,we have two different fire-types,what tower should be the first one to collapse?“
„We can not afford a collapse of a cooling tower!We need at least a minimum of visible fire at the time of collapse and we also want a smaller number of precollapse cutting (...).“

„What should we do?“

Let's try to compare the aircraft damage and the most possible duration of fire at the impact zone!
I'll confess I don't know why they did what they did with north tower,at least not fully (i.e. I know the exact technique,but I don't know the reasons which lead them to do it in that way......)
But I know exactly what they did with the south tower.

They run a few simulations,in which they discovered that the fire in the debree pile will not live any longer than an hour (standard office fire 20kg/m2 should burn out in 30 min. or so …..So they decided to take the south tower first,this was their tax for the fireball.

(the angle shot restricted the fire mainly to the nort-east corner)

„Let's make an obvious cause for the soon failure of South Tower.“

They crashed the plane into lower floors,where is more weight applied on the perimeter structure.

This allowed them to avoid the basement explosions,the 105th floor cuts were enough for the South Tower to fail ( especially this )(along with some minor initiating events at the impact zone,but this will be object of my 4th post.)

That's all - at least for the south tower,

the South Tower summarization:

-the angle shot allowed big fireball,for all to see,(burning north tower caught attention)
this act didn't allow long lasting fires,so they decided to take this tower down sooner than the justify it,they crashed the plane in lower floors,this allowed them to rely only on the 105th

floor cuts and to avoid the basement level explosions.... (they didn't want to make it twice).

North tower

As I mentioned later,the north tower was the exact opposite of south tower,the preparators crashed the jet in a such a way,that it caused floor wide fires.They crashed it higher,because they wanted low death tool or -they wanted to bu sure that the possible 104/105/106th floor fire will not be as suspicious (…........)

They didn't face the same problem as in the ST case,but still,they knew that the needed 102 will not be possible (the office debris couldn't fuel it for so long.....and other things like that,I'll explain it in a minute.)

(Why 102minute fire?)
It would nicely add to the drama

(Are these videos ok?...copyright......)

....i.e. They couldn't drop the south tower and then,a few minutes later the north tower,they had to wait a little longer->102 minutes.

the 102minutes difficulty

As in the south tower case,they had to fight the battle with the short lasting office fires,but this time they couldn't surrender (the south tower was a exapample of surrender),they had to wait.
The crash angle offered them certain advantages and certain disadvantages.
The advantage was that the floor wide fire had relatively long life,because it could move from side to side,but still,this movement was random (remember that in the south tower case there wasn't any place for randomness,the trajectory offered only one possible location for flames...) and -still-the floor wide fire doesn't (necessary) offer you a 102min.burning period.So what did they do?

Directed arson.

Why rely on random event,when you can control the flow of the events.

direct link


You probably ask : “why“.

It's a solution of the old „you can cut longer bar,but you can't expand the shorter bar from nothing“problem.

As I sad previously,they had to tie the collapse initiation to a burning zone...(and of course to the bowing,but that wasn't a problem,because the bowing expressed itself in a burning zone (link)

i.e. They had to direct the fire in the lateral direction,the elevation of the fire didn't matter that much)

small recapitulation:
102minutes after the impact they had to have precisely burning zone and the burning zone had to be
in front of the dropped part of core.( if they dropped the south part of the core than they had to made fire on the south face of the tower) than the overloading of the south perimeter columns caused buckling at the fire floor,because the heated floors were the weakest link)

so once again,now you will be able to understand

Do you see the darting flames?

The darting flames forced the south-east part of the exterior wall to burn.The funny thing is that the maximum of inward bowing appeared here,only a few meters to the east from the darting flames.

Again,how and why?

Well,do you see any major suction of the smoke in the video?No?You're not alone.Shakeing caused by the south tower collapse (9:59)induced partial collapse?Be serious,there weren't any major seismic events,at the time when the darting flames appeared....(there's not that much of energy transferred to the ground during the first 8 seconds of collapse,guess why....)

So can we agree that the darting flames were artificial?

It would be easy to place there some flash powder/gasoline based devices to light the flames where needed.
But how did the preparators knew where it will be needed?Well i told you about the first part of the puzzle (south part of the core)....but how did they manage to know that these places will not be set into fire immediately after the airplane strike?It simply,they crashed the plane in such an angle that majority of the debris ended up in the lower west part of the crash zone,that way-they were sure that the south-east part of the 97th and 98th floor will be untouched.(again,if these sections would start burn immediately after the impact,than the collapse would be initiated in very cold section (burn out) of the wall,which would mean a catastrophe.)

South Face prior the darting flames

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„Please note that these fires have been burning for more than one hour and we have yet to see fires on the east side of the south face. This is important because, according to NIST, it was the east side of the south face that initiated collapse.“

South Face after the darting flames (10:22)

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„The south face is on the right. The west face is on the left.
On the south side, the most intense parts of the fires have moved east considerably along floors 97, 98.“

the same,but a little earlier (10:12)

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„But,you didn't explain why they've chosen to crash the AA11 into the North Wall and UA175 into the south wall.“

Well,the first thing,which they did was to create a good fairy-tale about the darting flames (suction) so they decided to use the south face of the north tower as a point for the collapse initiation/bowing
(the darting flames appeared at the closet face to the falling South Tower)

this forced them to crash the plane in the north wall.

South Tower?Yes,as I previously stated – they had to make an angle shot for the fireball to exist.....but why did the chose the south wall?Frankly I don't know,but there are two options – maybe they had to due to the trajectory of the plane....and maybe they wanted the burning face to be illuminated by the sun......this is whre you have to take the initiative and come up with something good.

This text is very speculative and non-scientific (I just couldn't help myself)and It's certainly full of errors,but the basic frame should be good,if you want to add something,just write it down.