New 9/11 Brochure for Obama Inauguration brochure
For Immediate Release
January 17, 2009

DC 911Truth has produced an attractive new brochure to be distributed at the
Obama Inauguration and surrounding events. On the cover, President Obama is
asked to "help America learn the truth about 9/11," but the interior is
aimed at general audiences who may not be aware of problems with the
official account, or who may be quick to dismiss any questions as conspiracy

In a concise and straightforward way, the brochure presents the many facts
that challenge the 9/11 Commission Report (including doubts expressed by
Co-Chairs Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton themselves), as well as
contradictions in the accepted narrative about air defense, the alleged
hijackers, the destruction of the World Trade Center, and the anthrax
attacks. Only statements that could be verified in mainstream news sources
were included and carefully footnoted, so as to maximize the credibility of
the piece.

At the end, readers are asked to face a difficult reality: 9/11 could not
have occurred without high-level complicity from inside the U.S. government.
They are urged to learn the truth and tell others‹especially the media and
Congress‹with the goal of opening a new, truly independent investigation.

The brochure can be downloaded and printed on the front and back of a
letter-size sheet of paper (8.5 x 11in.), folded and distributed by mail or
as a handout.

The DC Truth group considers this brochure an effective communication tool
and will soon release another version not geared to the Obama Inauguration.

For more information, visit and

Without question

one of the BEST brochures I have seen.

Succint and to the point.

Change needs Truth indeed.

BTW this was just taken (AP photo) over Gaza

A rainbow is seen over the northern Gaza Strip, from the Israel-Gaza Border, Sunday, Jan 18. Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip were ordered to hold their fire early Sunday after Israel announced a unilateral cease-fire meant to end three devastating weeks of war against militants who have terrorised southern Israel with rocket barrages. But hours after the truce took hold, militants fired rocket salvoes into two Israeli communities, threatening to re-ignite the violence. – AP Photo.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Very Sophisticated

The cover will prove appealing to Obama supporters.

The content may open more minds.

Perhaps we can yet defuse Obama's phony revolution with a real one.

"Perhaps we can yet defuse

"Perhaps we can yet defuse Obama's phony revolution with a real one."

We HAVE to

And We WILL.

For Posterity.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

The Savior Has Landed

Everything's going to be OK now - you'll see.

The biggest PR coup since "Lets Roll".

Obama 'a major step' for humanity: Canada governor general

Jan 18 03:51 PM US/Eastern

Obama can save us, says America as polls show wave of optimism sweeping the nation

Last updated at 1:50 AM on 17th January 2009

'Anything possible,' Obama tells roaring crowd

Jan 18 04:32 PM US/Eastern

Please print it out and mail it

to your senators and representatives. We need to flood Congress with this brochure, if only to tell them it's still a hot issue, and we're not putting it behind us.
Addresses here.
These days a printed piece will get more attention than an email.

Yes. That's and Excellent idea.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

This is PERFECT!

People will be happy to grab it simply because it has Obama's face on it.

~In Lak'esh
(Mayan: You are another me)

Obama Kool-Aid Drinkers Not Terribly Bright

The Obama phenomena is comprised mostly of cable TV browsers and check-out stand magazine readers - the same demogrphic who have fallen for "corporatocracy" propaganda generation after generation.

Anything containing an image of our new rock-star president will be enough to generate interest. Hopefully, any intact critical thinking skills will allow a reader to consider the pamphlet contents.

Printing difficulty


Great concept and execution! One problem: The text of the last column on the 2nd page has some lopped-off letters. It appears that the ragged right text, in some cases, has exceeded the column width. Can we get a fix? Thanks.

Printing Tips

Sorry about that! It printed fine at this end.
Try this:

1. Download the PDF to your desktop and print from that, rather than directly from your browser.

2. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader.

3. You may have to adjust the output options (i.e. "scale to fit") on your printer.

Let us know if that works. Otherwise we'll try to fix the PDF and upload a new version asap.

Nice 'change'....lololol.

I'm so sick of this dude already, this is wonderful.

You Will Drink Obama's Kool-Aid & You Will Like It

As Ugandan dictator-madman Idi Amin once said: "Causing the people to love their leader - that is most important."

Excellent brochure

Outstanding work!

Please print and distribute that as widely as possible!

Brilliant Marketing! Clever.

Great marketing concept. Things like this will help us win.


Brilliant concept. Excellent timing. Mega-kudos for taking the lead. I'm impressed... and grateful.

Way to go!

The D.C. 9-11 truth folks are on it! We love you folks!

With you in solidarity,
WeAreChangeLA -

Exccellent. Forward a copy to journalists

And will distribute on 11th of each month.

Trimming tips

I'm getting good results by cutting close up to the ends of the lines of text in the column which starts "A third steel-framed skyscraper.." Then I cut at 1cm from the edge of the Obama photo. This allows neat folding. Acrobat Reader is set to 'fit to page'.

This is a neat little publication. Was it made with Scribus (free DTP program)?

I would encourage non-US activists in English-speaking countries to print & distribute copies too. I've done some today (UK); Obama's certainly getting media coverage over here.

Great flyer!

Not only will I be handing out a lot of these tomorrow, I now have something really good to put on all the cars that have Obama stickers on them, and it seems like two out of three do in these parts.

Print them, fold them and get them out there!

Thanks Matt and!


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Builderburgers CFR

Builderburger ..CFR
Builderburgers.. CFR
We all fall down

Drink the Kool-aid
Pass around
Pass around
Pass around

We all fallllll down
Together in Truth!