Video: Israel set to swallow defeat in Gaza but sets the stage for war with Iran

By lesage, Saturday 17 2009: After White Phosphorus, Depleted Uranium, and DIME (Dense Inert Metal Explosive) bombs, and successive attacks on Gaza refugees huddled in UN schools; Ihud Olmert, Prime Minister of the the Apartheid State of Israel, today declared a unilateral ceasefire for its air, ground, and naval attack on the captive people of Gaza, declaring "mission accomplished".

Olmert thanked Europe and the USA and other "moderate" states in the region, for the "success" of the massacre. The battle theatre against Iran is now set ready for Obama.

The Israeli war on Gaza, now in its fourth week, provoked worldwide condemnation of Tel Aviv, which has been accused widely of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Gazan resistance and the world condemnation of Israeli crimes against Palestinians -- the native population of the land -- are seen as the primary reasons for Israel backtracking on its previously set goals. Hammas has been considerably strengthened by the attack, just by resisting the onslaught.

Meanwhile, today, Hamas fired another 20 rounds of missiles into Israel. Hamas rejected Israel's ceasefire unless Israel totally withdraws its troupes and tanks from the Gaza strip, and Israel lifts its18 month old siege of Gaza which had forced the Palestinians to dig tunnels into Egypt for food and medical supplies (remember the siege of Sarajevo). The Israel unilateral ceasefire comes into effect as of Sunday morning 2AM 18 Jan 2009 however, Gaza remained under fire hours after the Israeli self declared deadline.

At least eight rockets have hit southern Israeli towns shortly after premier Ehud Olmert claimed all rocket launch pads were taken over by Israeli forces.

"If Hamas opens fire on Israeli forces, we reserve the right to respond," Olmert added.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged Israel to withdraw all of its troops and says that he was relieved about the Israeli ceasefire.

On Friday, the Quattar sponsored Gaza Emergency Arab Summit, attended by thirteen Arab countries, including Iran's Ahmadinjad, Mishaal of Hamas, and Syrian president Al Assad; called for total Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, and the lifting of the siege against Gaza.

The proposed Israeli unilateral ceasefire has been met with strong criticism in the Israeli military, reported Debkafile, which is widely believed to have links with Israeli military and intelligence sources.

According to the report, Israel will end its war on Gaza without achieving its primary goals, including "halting rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip".

Israel launched air and sea attacks on Gaza on December 27 and later took its operations to the next level by sending its ground forces into the strip but met fierce resistance.

Some officials in Tel Aviv had originally described toppling the democratically-elected ruler of the strip, Hamas, as their objective in the operations. Other officials later downgraded Israeli objectives, saying they only seek to weaken the Hamas movement and bring an end to rocket attacks.

Debkafile cited "security sources" as revealing that Israel has also assured the US and Egypt that it will stop its operations in Gaza within days and, at some point, open the six border crossings with the coastal strip..

Hamas had earlier vowed to continue fighting Israel until all its demands, including the opening of Gaza border-crossings, are met by Tel Aviv.
A Hamas spokesman said that resistance will continue until Israeli troops leave Gaza.

On Friday, in Washington, Condolisa Rice and Zipi Livni announced that Israel and the USA had signed a Memo of Understanding (MOU) agreeing to commit acts of war against Iran by imposing a maritime blockade on Iran.

The pretext of the blockade (an act of war) is that Iran was arming Hamas.

Livni said in her statement in Washington that the attack on the captive people of Gaza, was in fact really a part of the War Against Terror (WAT) and therefore a war against terrorists supported by Iran. Israel and the USA is telling the world that the Zionist defeat in Gaza (and before in Lebanon) is because of Iran.

For once, REAL questions were asked by the Main Stream Media at the Washington press-conference announcing this plot against Iran.

Listen to the pathetic Zionist lies and familiar post-911 WAT Propaganda.

Witness how USA State Department officials try to cut off and black out the soul of journalists at the press-conference. Still, a breath of Truth sneaks through:

Many journalists threw their shoes at Zipi Livni (figuratively).

Nobody believes Israeli and USA lies blaming the victims resisting a blockade and an illegal military occupation, and a blokade that has lasted over eighteen months, but it is like 911 all over again, this time to provoke Iran into war.

USA and European Ships are already in position at the Red Sea Straights off Somalia ready to "control, board, and inspect" any shipping traffic coming out of Iran. Such actions would amount to acts of war against Iran.

On Saturday Britain, France and Germany have offered to help prevent arms smuggling into the Gaza Strip in a joint letter to the Israeli and Egyptian governments published in Berlin Saturday.

In London Brown told reporters, "We are prepared to provide British naval support to stop arms trafficking."

"We will do everything that we can to prevent the arms trafficking that is at the root of some of the problems that have caused the conflict," he added. "Britain is prepared to give naval resources so that we can monitor and stop arms traffic and arms getting into Gaza.

Warmongering Zionist Neocons setting up the battle stage for Obama days before he takes office.

Please save, this c-span video of the Washington press conference as it is likely to be taken down: Israel is called a Terrorist State by MSM journalists.


Israel set to swallow defeat in Gaza

Gazan rockets still hitting Israel
At least eight rockets have hit
southern Israeli towns shortly after
premier Ehud Olmert claimed all rocket
launch pads were taken over by Israeli forces.

Ban Ki- moon urges Israeli withdrawal
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged Israel
to withdraw all of its troops and says that he was relieved
about the Israeli ceasefire.

Hama shall continue the resistance

Britain, France, Germany Offer naval assistance to Israel to Combat Gaza Arms Smuggling

Qatar hosts Gaza crisis summit over Saudi objections

Gaza still under white phosphorous fire even after unlateral ceasefire