The Old American Dream-hope Obama

The Old American Dream-hope Obama
By Jonathan Mark
Published by The New American Dream
19 January 2009

The smoking gun just happens to be in our minds; what we do about it is another matter. “How many coincidences make a fact?" Unprecedented free-fall building collapses, investigation cover-up, NORAD's failure to follow proper procedures, the list goes on, ad infinitum. It adds up to one horrendous nightmare; and in the protocol of mind-control, many choose denial over what is ugly and true.

But what is ugly to some can be beautiful to another, or an opportunity. Everyone has their awakening point; for some it was September 11, others began to connect the dots from the Downing Street Memo, WMD lies, torture, unnecessary invasion-occupation, for others it could be the treachery and lack of transparency in the criminal conduct of international finance schemes. Is there hope for truth under an Obama administration?

Albeit, he is maintaining the same old gang; but could he also be bent on loosening the energy-economy-intelligence grip for human-ecology sustainability? A pro-human agenda would reduce pollution, end torture, support the abolition of weapons of mass destruction; we can learn from mistakes, and make better choices.

Ray McGovern, a CIA analyst for 27 years, and a co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), wrote a recent article, Obama Picks a Conscience for The CIA. McGovern claims that Obama is "determined to put an abrupt end to the lawlessness and deceit with which the administration of George W. Bush has corrupted intelligence operations and analysis."

But what is more important than Obama-hope is truth, plain and simple. Richard Gage, AIA, started an organization with hundreds of architects and engineers who challenge the official government's version of the 3-WTC building collapses on 9/11/01. plans to announce a milestone for their petitions at the National Press Club in 2009.

In New York City more than 30,000 petitioners are in the process of getting a ballot referendum-vote ( for a City-authorized investigation. The vote would be for all NYC voters, all boroughs. Taxpayers of NYC will not be responsible to pay for the costs of the investigation. This November 3, 2009 vote in NYC could impact our world. Winning a YES (independent investigation) vote would begin to undress the fabric of a nightmare. Without the substance of truth, the Obama hope would only perpetuate the American nightmare-dream, now falling apart in front of us.

Jonathan Mark
News fit to transmit in the post Cassini flyby era.

Jonathan Mark founded the Action Site to Stop Cassini Earth Flyby, which became Flyby News after the flyby on August 18, 1999; he is also a founder at ReGen Power Systems, LLC., researching and developing (waste) heat to electricity; and also a founder of and facilitates a monthly teleconference with other leaders in the 9/11 truth movement.

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