Alternative Live Broadcast of Presidential Inauguration of Obama on No Lies Radio Tuesday, Jan 20th at 5am Pacific – 8am Eastern

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Coming up LIVE Tuesday, Jan 20th at 5am Pacific - 8am Eastern - 13:00 GMT
Historic Live Broadcast: The Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama

Highlights will be archived here after the broadcast.

No Lies Radio will broadcast LIVE the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama and complete inauguration day coverage. This is Pacifica Radio Network's exciting live coverage of the inaugural including alternative viewpoints of the process with special progressive guests and analysts. HOSTED by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.

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Democracy Now extended broadcast followed by direct feed from inaugural site hosted by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! Then a national call-in show hosted jointly by WPFW-Pacifica in Washington and KGNU in Boulder Denver. The program will include reports from
people on the scene at the inaugural site, special guests and analysis, and call-ins from listeners coast to coast, border to border. If you wish to just hear the swearing in: The former presidency terminates at noon EST :) :) :) so it is expected that Obama will be sworn in around noon EST and his speech is expected to end around 1:30 PM EST.


I can think of more productive use of our time.

My thoughts

I overheard the speech from a live feed over someone's computer, and after hearing him characterize 'our enemies' in pretty much the the same language we've heard for the past eight years, all I can say is:

9/11 Truth--now more than ever.

Operation Obama