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We were worried.


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PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:14 pm

Post subject: "We have a blogger down..."

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Fascinating. Yesterday, Obama's first day on the job, World Can't went down, followed by and finally around 5:30pm Central Time.

911truth cites a server "glitch", while the blogger host tells me that the server "went down". 911truth was able to re-launch without a major hassle, and their web guru says "it appears this was nothing nefarious".

I guess it could be a coincidence that,, & were all derailed simultaneously yesterday. I haven't found out what WCW's problem was, but if they had a server-specific issue this probably bears more investigation. (v. a DOS attack or general service outage)

Our host says blogger will be back up today, 1.21.2009.

Perhaps this is an explanation

I do hope a number of 911 Truth sides like , 911Blogger etc can work out contingency plans to handle planned systemic site hacks / attacks like the ones we have experienced recently.

We need to come up with redundancy so when they do launch a CYBER 911 we are not in a lurch of a total TRUTH newsblack out.

It is vital to KEEP THE BLOODSTREAM OF 911 TRUTH INFORMATION FLOWING THROUGHOUT THE PLANET . Especially during any new false-flag crisis.

So let's put our thinking caps on and find ways to build back up systems, torrent distribution peer to peer data-truth-sharing networks, redundant personal blogs that will make it hard or even virtually impossible for them for attack us ALL at the same time.

Unless they decide to bring the whole 'Net down all at once.

Either way, lets not make it any easier for the puppet masters, shall we.

Expect them to try again.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I have a hard time believing these were "coincidences"

and we should be prepared for a "cyber 9/11" or just the denial of access to key sites.

The real protection is to archive everything offline on dvd's and dvd-rom, build libraries throughout the world and be prepared to pass things from person to person and group to group. It's good practice for every group to do this with their own digital content anyway, so it isn't really that much more work to add the key content from everywhere. This is not a particularly expensive thing to do, just somewhat labor intensive. Content can also be archived on systems not ever connected to the internet, for maximum protection and ease of access and replication.

Routers can be programmed almost instantly to shut out unwanted sites, the Chinese have proved a very good testing ground for this and Cisco and other hardware manufacturers are fully up to speed on this, so it is just a question of Homeland Security giving the word and the cyber wall comes down.

I must admit to being concerned that blogger was offline yesterday, and then to go to and find that they had also had problems only added to that concern.

S.1959 did not become law and has expired, we should pay close attention to see if it gets re-introduced in this session. Perhaps we should be pro-active and campaign the co-sponsors against its reintroduction.

Thanks for the post, constitutional911.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Great Idea.

Let's all do this. I've been doing this with ae911truth DVDs. Just dropped one off to the local video rental store. This type of activism rocks.

The YMCA, many hotels/motels and B&B's

have small "libraries" where people can leave books, sometimes dvd's.

I'm plotting to leave some books at my local YMCA's and see what happens.

I donated a few dvd's to my local indy video store and was told they went to a different store, so I'm not exactly sure if that worked out or not (the store is 45 minutes away and I have yet to go there and check).

Often you can just request that your local public library get a title you're interested in and they will get it. Most libraries require a special edition for public use or they will process a donated book for their needs. Best to ask how best to facilitate getting the book(s) you want on the public shelf. Often you can donate money toward the library acquiring a specific title.

I've also noticed that when I do special orders at Borders and other chain bookstores that they will often get multiple copies to put on the shelf for sale. Whenever I go in to one of these stores I always put at least one 9/11 title on an end aisle display, something my sister the librarian chastises me about (oh well).

Every little bit helps, brothers and sisters, keep up the good work!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Even selling works

After making a bulk order at infowars for a film screening we had, I took the leftover dvds that we didn't sell and offered them at $15 a pop (brand new, unopened) to local indy video stores. I had at least a 75% success rate. I think they appreciate someone doing the work for them and $15 is still a pretty good deal.