NEADS Operator at 9:16: Be Careful What You Say on Tape

I've been listening to the NEADS tapes again and I came across this:

At about 9:16 one of the operators says, "Be careful what we say on the loop, because these are being recorded and these tapes will be handed over."

This is from tape 15, about 38:00.

What was said just prior to that?

If it was a dirty joke or eff word, perhaps he's referring to that.

Tape 15

I just went through the whole first 70 minutes of this tape. It makes no sense. Some of the timings are right, but some of them are off - the South Tower gets hit at about 8:58 by my calculations, which can't be right. Can somebody please check it.

here is an ez way to blow

here is an ez way to blow thru all the deadtime
on the NORAD tapes.
Open windows movie maker,
import whichever audio file you wish to listen to,
drag that file and insert it into the audio/music section
in the lower portion of the screen
next to the microphone icon above that, there is a
magnifying glass with a plus and minus in it...hit
plus as much as it will allow. This breaks the timeline
down to minutes.
allow a minute to load
after it loads, it should look like a seismograph
making it ez to see exactly where there are vocal
recordings on the tape.

On a second note: File DRM3-DAT2
At about 3h49m (approximately) you can hear
what is described as "the latest ROE".
Controller asks "whats your armament state"...
Pilot responds "guns only"
Controller says "since all aircraft are on the ground,
we have authority to intercept any aircraft that is not
under military control, or military knowledge, you can
intercept them and if they do not respond to hand
signals or attemps to divert ect, ect, ect, and continue
pressing towards major population centers, you are
clear to engage them."
Pilot responds"copy that" I'm heading to Chicago, I
think we have another phantom flight heading for
Chicago at this time"

Hope this helps .