911blogger.com - 911truth.org - World Can't Wait - all offline on Jan. 20, 2009

For approximately 16 hours, 911blogger.com was offline, starting yesterday at 5:30pm Central Time. This was preceded by World Can't Wait going offline for several hours, and 911truth.org for a few hours as well.

It could very well be a coincidence that two 9/11 sites got knocked out yesterday, and a strong anti-war, anti-imperialist foreign policy site got knocked off to boot. All three sites had server-specific issues, but it is not known at this time if exactly the same issue affected all three sites.

Either way, site users should back up their blog entries, and have a redundant personal blog set up under a different URL. Co-publish here, and at your personal blog, that way, you will always have a copy.

What's my site...

Chopped liver? What? I don't rate? Phhhh. :)

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Maybe **"CHANGE"** Sent Us a Message

My mind raced through all kinds of scenarios...
none were pretty.

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

We Must Plan For Loss Of Internet

Censorship or shut-down of the internet by authorities wishing to better manage populations in rebellion seems a possibility, in light of apparent plans to deploy the U.S. military within the U.S. to combat civil unrest.

We must preserve social networks dedicated to intelligent revolution.

I agree totally

"We MUST preserve social networks dedicated to intelligent revolution."

Let us not be deceived by this.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Also, a coincidence in Texas?...

Joe with "North Texans for 9/11 Truth" had lined up 2 MLK Parades for our group to participate in. (Joe also burned more than 1,000 DVDs for the events & made dozens of signs.) One parade was on Saturday, the 17th in Dallas, the other was on Monday. We were visible to probably tens of thousands of people.
An engineer member of AE911Truth.org drove in from over a hundred miles away so he could march with us on Saturday.
He sent this email: "...but oddly enough, after I got back Saturday my $2600 computer <1 year old started acting wierd and now it won't even turn on! (sending this from my iPhone) Coincidence? ...I have to wonder... "

I've submitted the goods to blogger

hopefully coming soon.

Maybe Mercury is RETROGRADE. Nothing more....Yeah right.

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

Leadership at World Can't Wait.

I've heard several reports that the leadership at World Can't Wait is becoming friendly to 9/11 Truth. This could be a reason why they'd be lumped in together with 911Blogger and 911Truth.org. I think with pressure we may have an ally in the future there. I emailed them at their national headquarters saying the importance of joining together with 9/11 Truth Groups throughout the country and received a one word reply. "Agreed!"

My Message: (Sent to info@worldcantwait.org on Jan. 11th of this year)

"Thank You for being open to the assertions made by the 9/11 Truth Movement
in America. I hated that thought at first, but have had to concede that
their claims are legitimate and the anomalies of that day are glaring.

Hope you continue to merge with similar groups and realize the benefits of
working together.


Their response:


They are..

I posted a blog about this a few weeks ago. I was invited to speak on 9/11 Truth in Chicago (for the 1st time) at a recent anti-war rally here in Chicago. My posting, including a video of my speech is here:



That is what I was talking about. That spurred me to write to them. Thanks.

WCW/Code Pink...

...standing in solidarity with the 9/11 Truth Movement. (Taken January 11, 2009)

~In Lak'esh
(Mayan: You are another me)


Now THIS is "change" I can believe in

Google and 911 blogger

At present a google search for "911 blogger" returns 2 pages from the old version of the site (2005 and 2006) followed by Screw Loose Change.
I would expect google's diligent spidering to find the home page or at least something more current.


I've been wondering about that for some time now.

Rep., any idea why this is happening?

Thanks again for all your hard work.

Yeah, try Lycos.


When I Googled 911blogger just now (no space) I got

1st entry -- Steven Jones in 06

with sub entry: "911blogger.com has been suspended" (07)

2nd entry -- Open letter to Reprehensor on rampant bannings and selective moderation (Kennys slideshow)

3rd entry -- "why I no longer support 911 blogger as truth site" (Killtown)

Total: on the first page only the first entry and its sub-entry are direct links to 911blogger

I think yesterday's "glitch" is at the NSA.


My rinky dink website FREEDOMTOWN.org was also down for most of the day. Man oh man, my site is small and not even that good and they were still looking at freezing out truth across the board yesterday. I also had problem loading INFOWARS, RENSE, and WhatReallyHappened throughout the day.

On Infowars...

One suggestion, I started having problems loading infowars on internet explorer, then I started using Mozilla Firefox to load the website and I'm not having any more problems.

I tried it on Safari and Foxfire. Neither one connected.

Maybe they wanted to see where we would go next if our primary site was down. I went to infowars.com . It was up and running. I think the 911 Truth Movement constitutes a wrench in the works of the Obamachine. Whatever the reason for the site being down, it inspires me to push harder for Truth.

already using Mozilla Firefox

already using Mozilla Firefox


Major Canadian truth site - StopLying.ca

Total 911 Info

Richard Syrett's show on Toronto radio station CFRB
SUDDENLY CANCELED TUESDAY WITHOUT EXPLANATION - "no longer [to] be broadcast on NewsTalk 1010 CFRB"

Is something about to go down and they don't want any truthful websites online??

FYI These sites went down all within the last 24 hours

FYI These sites went down all within the last 24 hours



Nasty worm wriggles into millions of computers
Published: Wednesday January 21, 2009

A nasty worm has wriggled into millions of computers and continues to spread, leaving security experts wondering whether the attack is a harbinger of evil deeds to come.

US software protection firm F-Secure says a computer worm known as "Conficker" or "Downadup" had infected more than nine million computers by Tuesday and was spreading at a rate of one million machines daily.

The malicious software had yet to do any noticeable damage, prompting debate as to whether it is impotent, waiting to detonate, or a test run by cybercriminals intent on profiting from the weakness in the future.

"This is enormous; possibly the biggest virus we have ever seen," said software security specialist David Perry of Trend Micro.

"I think the bad guys are field testing a new technology. If Conficker proves to work well, they could go out and sell malware (malicious software) to people. There is a huge market for selling criminal malware."

The worm, a self-replicating program, takes advantage of networks or computers that haven't kept up to date with security patches for Windows RPC Server Service.

It can infect machines from the Internet or by hiding on USB memory sticks carrying data from one computer to another. Once in a computer it digs deep, setting up defenses that make it hard to extract.

Malware could be triggered to steal data or turn control of infected computers over to hackers amassing "zombie" machines into "botnet" armies.

"Here we are with a big, big outbreak and they keep revamping their methodology to increase the size of it," Perry said. "They could be growing this huge botnet to slice it up and sell it on the criminal market."

Microsoft says it is aware of the Conficker "worm family" and has modified its free to detect and get rid of infections.

The US software giant also advises people to stay current on anti-virus tools and Windows updates, and to protect computers and files with strong passwords.

A troubling aspect of Conficker is that it harnesses computing power of a botnet to crack passwords.

Repeated "guesses" at passwords by a botnet have caused some computer users to be locked out of files or machines that automatically disable access after certain numbers of failed tries.

"Downadup uses brute force from the infected network of botnets to break the password of the machine being attacked," Perry said. "That is something never seen before and I find it disturbing."

Perry urges people to harden passwords by mixing in numbers, punctuation marks, and upper-case letters. Doing so makes it millions of times harder for passwords to be deduced, according to Perry.

"This is necessary in a world where malware hacks passwords," Perry said.

"Go get a notebook, keep it next to your computer and record your password in it. No hacker in the world can hack the written page locked away in your office."

I'm expecting a false flag cyber attack

as an excuse to monitor, filter or shut down the Internet. Truth rules on the net.

Sheila: I'm on your

Sheila: I'm on your wavelength. Do you recall during the presidential campaign a bizarre statement by Biden that within 6 months Obama would be faced with a deathly serious and ominous situation (not those words, but that idea)? And I wondered why he was foretelling another false flag ala-Dick Cheney. Biden is an AIPAC'r and a CFR'r.... I don't want to believe it, but what the heck was that all about? I'm no tech guru ... can those of you who are - can you tell us what we can do to stay in touch when they crash this and other 9-11/peace sites?


Predicted international crisis

“Remember I said it standing here if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy. I promise you it will occur,” Biden added, “As a student of history and having served with seven presidents, I guarantee you it is going to happen.” -Joe Biden, Oct 19, 2008

Colin Powell - Crisis on January 21 or 22

Joe Biden delivering an ominous message about Barack Obama

Albright Agrees with Biden: Terrorists Will Test Obama

I've had no problems on my site recently

"can you tell us what we can do to stay in touch when they crash this and other 9-11/peace sites?"

If we have an "event" and other truth sites are down, try http://www.sheilacasey.com. You can't post directly, but you can email me stuff to post, and you don't have to register to comment.

I'd be happy to have the whole gang over a chat.

I hate the thought of us having another false flag attack and not having anyone intelligent to discuss it with. Sure, I can talk to my friends and neighbors, but slim chance they'd shed much insight on the situation.

For example, I received an invitation to an event that is essentially a celebration. It read, in part:

"This week has been filled with the most astounding sights and sounds. Who cannot marvel at the progress of a nation that 40 years ago shielded segregated schools? Who could imagine Dr. King's Dreams fulfilled so soon? Let us celebrate the hard fought evolution of our society. Let us have a moment to celebrate what is and the promise it can hold for humankind.

"We are witnessing the flowering of the most precious freedom and spiritual fruit of our lifetime.

"Let us celebrate together!"

I fear those celebrants are to be woefully disappointed at how this "flowering" turns out. Obama is a a bought and paid for puppet. So far I see nothing to rejoice about.

Will we see an i-9/11?

Law Professor: Counter Terrorism Czar Told Me There Is Going To Be An i-9/11 And An i-Patriot Act

off topic sorry

Just another reason to dump the big 2 folks! And I mean Windows and OSX. Well, truthfully, Mac is a lot better at not having to deal with viruses and malware on the order that Windows is.

But Linux has zero viruses and malware.


/end rant


When I could open 911blogger

When I could open 911blogger I ended up with problems with my computer, had to download some current protection. It caused me to not want to open this site but when I did it wasn't even available. I'm so glad it is working again and my computer too.

During the inauguration CNN and MSNBC were freezing and apparently only the NYTimes website was working well. Businesses were expecting slow internet and cell phones in DC to be compromised.

911 Truth Ends 911 Wars

This seems like a plausible explanation, BUT

it was quite strange how only the Truther sites seemed to be off-line: I realized this since I went to the page: www.911sharethetruth.com/links.htm and tried the 911 Truth Forums links list: practically ALL of them were OFFLINE. (Response to "nobodyparticular" above!)

I have a habit of going into 911Blogger via google, and I'm always forced to transit via google: Invariably, I get the following first five entries :

9/11 Blogger - Blogging 9/11 Related Alternative News: Proper ... - [ Vertaal deze pagina ]18 Apr 2005 ... 911blogger.com does not seek to push any specific 'theories' about 9/11, ... We have moved, visit 911blogger.com for the current website. ...
www.911blogger.com/2005/04/proper-release-of-griffin-in-madison.html - 58k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's

911blogger.com has been suspended due to excessive resource usage ... - [ Vertaal deze pagina ]1 Nov 2007 ... 911blogger.com has been suspended due to excessive resource usage. The site will be down for some time until future decisions regarding the ...
www.911blogger.com/index.html - 1k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's

Meer resultaten van www.911blogger.com »
Garage TV - video filmpjes - 911blogger censorship - censorship ... I have required an account at 911blogger to post the video of the Rescue Team ( first ... 2 weeks and I have not received the account yet from 911blogger. ...
www.garagetv.be/video-galerij/expectopatronum911/filmpje_911blogger_cens... - 77k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's

Killtown: Banned at 911Blogger - [ Vertaal deze pagina ]Banned at 911Blogger. Ah, the censorship continues. Here's what appeared when I tried to log into 911blogger.com today:. First, no reason was given to me as ...
killtown.blogspot.com/2007/06/banned-at-911blogger.html - 119k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's

911blogger.com on reddit.com - [ Vertaal deze pagina ]Ex-CIA Man Warned Top Executives To Leave New York On 9/11 | Warner Bros. senior executive told staff “something big is happening that day” (911blogger.com) ...
www.reddit.com/domain/911blogger.com - 66k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's

Israeli Wiretappers, the NSA, and 9/11 | 911Blogger.co - Mixx - [ Vertaal deze pagina ]Along with the mass surveillance being conducted on all US users of AT&T and Verizon by Narus and Verint, (according to Bamford), two other Israeli-owned ...
www.mixx.com/stories/3361019/israeli_wiretappers_the_nsa_and_9_11_911blo... - 31k - In cache - Gelijkwaardige pagina's

Conclusion: I will use LYCOS in the future for internet searches, but I will continue to log into 911Blogger via Google to test their policies, and keep up the traffic going towards www.911blogger.com/2005/04/proper-release-of-griffin-in-madison.html which is better than the other 4 alternatives...

Redundancy is a well tested tactic of survival. In our grass-roots movement, nothing beats the personal meetings, a special café where one can call and meet up, the telephone lists, and the regular publishing of a paper-new-letter, or better yet NEWSPAPER à la "Rock Creek Free Press", + DVD and free radio-waves to also reach the very large amount of people who do not communicate via the net so much. Here in Brussels, we had a 50.000 strong demonstration on Jan 11th 2009 largely called together by a small free-radio-wave sender reaching the Moroccan population from the center of town. It was of course to show our outrage on the government sponsored massacre of civilians going on in Gaza.

I was there with a sandwich board complete with visuals and text:

Non conventional weapons on Gaza / Armes Non Conventionels contre la population civile
Depleted Uranium
White Phosphorus
Dense Inert Metal Explosives
(Sol-Gel-Nano-Thermite in a building full of people also enters the list of Non Conventional Weapons against civilians, but it was a bit too much to explain on my sandwich board)
The other side was in French, and read:

Emprissonez les Terroristes qui MASSACRENT les civils!

11 Sept. 2001 et GAZA Jan 2009
Terrorisme d'Etat Prouvé!
Crime Contre l'Humanité!

www.Reopen911.info + www.AE911Truth.org

By the way, there is currently a Tel Aviv registered site on-line (Please make copies of it's contents!) citing very real Crimes Against Humanity and the people who should be tried by the International Tribunal in The Hague for them concerning Lebanon and Gaza mostly: http://www.wanted.org.il/ehud_barak_en.htm
This is a useful and courageous way forward by dissenting Israelis, we should all learn, and copy their serious approach concerning what we already can piece together concerning the criminal mass murders of New-York and Washington, + the ensuing massacres in Fallujah, the killing of captured soldiers in cargo boxes in Afghanistan, etc, etc, etc... There is work in these new days of the Obama administration, we urgently need a Truth and Reconciliation movement!

Best regards from Brussels!

"unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as citizens, to define the real truth of our lives and our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves upon us all. It is in fact mandatory. If such a determination is not embodied in our political vision we have no hope of restoring what is so nearly lost to us - the dignity of man." (Harold Pinter)

It's Looks Like A Coordinated Attack Alright

PrisonPlanet Forum has been down for 18 hours now


Are they really that stupid?

Are they really that stupid not to realize that we are among the more internet-savvy groups out there? By doing this they have forced us to expand our networking and redundancy exponentially, thus increasing our exposure on the web along with putting a huge fire under our ass. This may end up being our biggest boon to date. Let's make it so.


Up yesterday, now just a placeholder, 'spam' site

There's a backup

If you're looking for an alternative place to go for now. Some folks have just started a Google Group

All you have to do is get a Google account and you're in.

Google this!

Slightly off topic here, so pardon my indulgence, but I hope some of the more savvy internet types might help me out. Like most people here, I often forward links to people on important subjects. But I've noticed a trend where the Google video URL that I copy and paste into an email ends up directing people to another video and not the intended video. I've only noticed it by spot checking through my sent email folder and it's annoying as hell. And just last night I saved a video to my favorites and clicked on it today and it did the same thing, sent me to a related, but entirely different video. Needless to say, the ones that this happens with are ones that are extremely powerful, credible, salient and damning -- the best ones I come across (examples: John Judge, Chossudovsky, etc.)

Anyone have any ideas? You can comment here or send me an email with your thoughts, or both. Thanks.

Not an "attack," but a "hijacking" toward some purpose?

I am not a computer savant, but what if instead of an "attack" - which seemed to do little more than put us all on notice - this recent event was a retooling of internet protocol to hijack all 9/11 inquiry traffic through Homeland "Security" computers?

Funneling all incoming/outgoing traffic by hijacking at the DNS protocol level would be a much more thorough way to track and control information sought by curious (i.e., "dangerous") minds. (Too, I suppose this would mean that they could alter and control information that is disseminated from the original website by changing pages themselves.)

But this speculation is over my head in terms of the functioning of internet protocol. I encourage those who are more familiar with the science to comment. The odd simultaneous "downing" of many 9/11 internet sites, simply and mysteriously arrested for a short period of time, is a very lame stick to shake at us, and yields no practical benefit for the perps. CONTROLLING the information flow would be of much greater value, and as was pointed out on an earlier comment on this thread, Google is playing dirty already by top-listing impertinent references for 911blogger. (I Googled 911blogger too myself on the 20th, and found the results puzzling.)

Those who control the information, control the future.

And just as a side note, did anyone notice if faux-911 sites were downed too? ... or are they already controlled and in no need of retooling....?