Now is the Time to Find Out If Continuity of Government is Still In Effect

Now that we have a new administration, it is the right time to find out whether the United States is still in a national state of emergency as declared on 9/11 and whether the unconstitutional continuity of government plans are still in effect.

Someone please submit freedom of information act requests to find out.

I believe Obama signed

As I watched inaugeration coverage yesterday they showed Obama signing some documents and mentioned one specifically as Continuity of Government.

It's pretty clear

that the democracy we have is a stage prop, not an actual democracy. President Obama was set up with a media blitz fawning over his trip to Africa and improbable mentions of a presidential bid long before the beginning of the election cycle. Then he endured an improbably gauntlet of competitors until they magically all fell away. The incredibly flawed Republican ticket made his election a no brainer. Put a rotten apple next to a fairly recently picked one and one will always choose the less flawed product. The illusion of choice was incredibly bogus. Even McCain, if you will all remember, had suffered greatly in the polls before magically becoming a front-runner. His candidacy was a necessity for getting Obama in under the stage-prop democracy, as his physical condition and his vice presidential pick were both suicide for his ticket. Of course that all worked, but if it didn't, there were ways to tamper with the vote or call elections off entirely if it were deemed necessary.

Point is we have no real democracy. The intelligence agencies and the FBI are no more than thugs. So what if COG is in effect? Does it matter? They make this play up as they go along. Of course it is important to find out how they are justifying their shenanigans, at least to unmask flaws in their logic and the manner in which they completely deceive the public. But what we need is a Citizens' COG.