Ron Reagan sd on Air Amer., " evidence of demolition..."!!

Just thought people should know that Reagan is spouting crap that he has seen detailed videos of the WTC destruction, and he asserts that, "he saw no evidence that anything took those towers down other than the planes that flew into them." (not verbatim, but close)

Air America is a bizarre amalgamation of biases, it seems. No wonder Clear Channel carries them out here in Portland, OR.

Ugh...I'm over Air Amerika

If Thom Hartmann wasn't on there I would never support them.


Agreed, but...

There are still some good people on AA...Maddow, Bender, Peter B., Hartmann, Malloy, and a few others.

Does anyone know Rachel

Does anyone know Rachel Maddow's opinion
on this matter? I know she's kinda Olbermann's
sidekick but has anyone made an effort to get a
comment from her about this?