A 9/11 Family Member Chides the New President for Closing the Guantanamo Terror Camp

There is a NY Daily News article today not specifically about 9/11 truth, but 9/11 as accepted by the official story. I guess some 9/11 family members still have a Rush Limbaugh style mentality.


A 9/11 family member chides the new President for closing Guantanamo terror camp
It begins:

"With his shameful order to close Guantanamo Bay, President Obama has perfectly filled the stereotype of the classic clueless ultra-Liberal - the one who can generate great passion for the rights of the guilty defendant and none for the innocent victim.

"With a single stroke of the pen, Obama has delayed justice for the victims of 9/11, and in essence granted a reprieve for Al Qaeda mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the architect of 9/11.

America does not honor our "rule of law and the rights of man" as he put in his inauguration speech by such an action. Instead, this nation abdicated its duty to justice."

Anyway, click on the link to read the rest. I took advantage of this to register (it takes 30 seconds) and post the following comment:

"Folks, wake up. It's not just Iraq; the entire "war on terror" is a fiction and a fraud. Over 560 architects and engineers have signed a petition calling congress to re-investigate the THREE world trade center collapses that occurred on 9/11. Watch architect Richard Gage, AIA, in his magnificent lecture "Blueprint For Truth." (link to Gage's lecture) 9/11 was an inside job. The entire war on terror is a fraud."

To which a certain "Professor" responded with:

"Greetings to A. Syed, another apostle of 9/11 denial. In Germany and Austria Holocaust denial is criminal and people go to jail for that. I humbly suggest to make 9/11 denial to be declared a criminal act and to do the same. I will not ask you to look at the body of evidence, scientific and technical that explained how impact by airplanes caused collapse of the buildings.I will not comment on simple ignorance of some semi-educated AIA (American Institute of Architect) members who have joined ill-conceived idea of 9/11 denial. A simple fact is that it happened and that we have enemies. A simple fact is that terrorists were afraid of Gitmo. Nobody is afraid of American jails. Look at liberal cries about beating of some prisoners on Riker Island. Did anybody cried about their victims? They have just tested some of their medicine. The beauty of the democratic process is that it is the worst form of government, except that other forms are even worse. Let's hate our enemies and let's try to make their life as bad as our democracy will allow."

Join me folks, spread some truth!

They're engaging in

They're engaging in censorship. They've deleted my comments though a couple other peoples' truth comments are still there. Chime in folks, if you haven't yet.