The Rise of Obama and the Amazing Similarities & Symbolism in the Disturbed "Land of Confusion" Music Video

OK...I have watched this video probably 30 times by now. The whole video is a huge span of symbolism, current events, and so far it looks like future event could follow.

The video starts off right from the beginning with a comet, which turns out to be "The Guy" coming out of nowhere, down from space. He hits the earth and then is enchained underground. On the surface of the earth, fighter planes are bombing oil fields, war is rampant everywhere, politicians are arguing, while the big corporate monopoly man sits in a room alone watching this all unfold on a bunch of TV screens.

OK...Before reading this, keep in mind, I subscribe to no particular religious beliefs. I do believe that the "Powers that Be" are using religious texts and ideals to push a world agenda though. Not saying I am an atheist, I just don't know, so I subscribe to nothing.

"The Guy", who starts out as a burning comet, comes down from outer space. He has a BLACK FACE, but WHITE SKIN. He also has RED EYES and SHARP TEETH. The Red Eyes and Sharp Teeth are symbolic of evil and the Black Face with White Skin, is very symbolic of our current president being multi national. He is chained underground, just like the Christian Bible says Satan was. Just as the so-called antichrist comes into the world scene out of nowhere during times of turmoil to pose as a false flag savior, so does "The Guy", and so does "Obama"

In the video, "The Guy" breaks free of his chains in his underground prison and comes to the surface of Earth to find War, Fear, and Terrorism. Very symbolic of the bible's reference to God breaking the bonds he has on Satan allowing him to rule the Earth during times of unrest. You see Bush, Putin, Koizumi, Chirac, Blair, and another unnamed man dressed in black who probably represents the big monopoly man sitting in the other room watching all the TV screens. The various world leaders are also backed up by the flag from their country and the fat monopoly man's flag is the Dollar sign.

So..."The Guy" then stops in front of the military forces and raises his hand in the air in defiance. Sounds a lot like the "Yes We Can" and "Change" punch words used in the Obama camp.

The people gather behind "The Guy" and attack the fascist forces. "The Guy" leads the people to the central government where you see more flags from Turkey, Canada, and China and they attack the politicians and then eventually attack and bring down the big fat monopoly man. "The Guy" then explodes the monopoly man into money with his "Illuminated" hand which scatters all over the planet. WOW! Distribute the wealth anyone? You will also notice the symbolism at 4:04 in the "eye" with the monocle that "The Guy" throws to the side.

Watch the video a few times. It is a cartoon of the birth of the New World Order.

Notice the evil smile on "The Guy's" face at the end when the whole world is praising him?

The problem, Todd McFarlane never finished the story. He never included the ending where "The Guy" enslaves mankind by forcing everyone to take the chip.

In Albert Pike's own words;
"Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not!"

From the Bible
Isaiah 14 12/12
How art thou afallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!.

That's just anti-hero crap I

That's just anti-hero crap I think. Check this out though I noticed it in the film "Ant Bully" at 18min 10 seconds in, the kid in this movie is called Lucas as well lol. Blatant Masonic Square & Compass: