Jack Blood - Are The Inmates Running The Asylum?

Jack Blood - Are The Inmates Running The Asylum?


Could you be wrong about everything? Maybe you are..

Maybe the Government really is just an incompetent body of public servants, who just want to make life better for hundreds of millions of Americans, and share the love.

Maybe we are not losing our rights, and our sovereignty is as safe as ever.

Maybe perpetual war is necessary, Homeland Security is protecting us from the terrorists, and pervasive snooping and data basing is for own good.

Maybe fluoride, Aspartame, MSG, processed foods, pharmaceuticals, Genetically Modified food, and pervasive aerosol spraying are all really good for us.

Maybe I am sent to jail for not wearing my seat belt, jaywalking, being drunk in bar, or smoking tobacco or pot to protect me from myself.

Maybe the media always does its best to report the truth.

Maybe the Federal Reserve really is federal and has reserves, and maybe they are only trying, like the plunge protection team, trying to uphold the free market economy. Yes, the USA FED could be America lovers who keep the dream alive

Maybe the reason that we have not had another 911, is because Cheney and Bush have been doing a great job hunting down and intercepting potential terrorists, and if the border is porous, its because so many good people want to live here and contribute to the success of the USA, so much so that they help stop alleged terrorists from walking across the borders to kill Americans

Speaking of 911, maybe building 7 really was the first skyscraper to fall from small office fires. maybe the coordinated military drills that day really did confuse NORAD into standing down, and maybe a plane really did hit the pentagon.

Maybe Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone nut, as was Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Muhammad Adbul Aziz, (Malcom X) John Hinkley, and Mark David Chapman.

Maybe Torture is just a loving way to have a conversation with shy individuals.

Maybe Habeas Corpus is dangerous, the 2nd amendment is outdated, and maybe the patriot act and HR 1955 dont turn us all into terrorists

Maybe Public education is good, and home schooling is child abuse.

Maybe centralization, central planning, social engineering, and globalization is whats best for freedom loving people all over the world.

Maybe global warming is man made and we need to sacrifice our way of living to save the planet from certain and immediate destruction. Maybe carbon caps, and global taxation will save us from this certain death.

Maybe The reason Obomba is hiring the old guard is the create change, and maybe if we just hope enough, and trust the president we will heal the nation.

Maybe politicians dont lie, they only misspeak.

Maybe socialism is the answer and the free market is unworkable. Maybe Ron Paul was wrong about fiat currency, inflation, and the constitution being usurped?

Maybe you cant fight city hall

Maybe I am going to meet Jesus in a UFO when the rapture comes.

Maybe I am not getting older, I am getting worse.

Maybe porn is better than the real thing

Maybe pro wrestling isnt fixed.

Maybe my shit doesnt stink.

Maybe I should be on Prozac

Maybe I am just having a nightmare.

Or.. Maybe I have been right all along?

This clip was taken from the 12/19/2008 show.

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