How To Download any YouTube Video

Just enter 'pwn' in front of any youtube video before the word 'youtube' and it'll send you to a download file.

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Someone who knows how to take a downloaded YouTube video and put it on DVD might want to explain the procedure in the comments section below. We'd all benefit from more information off the web and into our hands.

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thanks very much for this information. I have not yet succeeded to down load with pwn but will ask my son what I am doing wrong. Two years ago I used a similar method but youtube took it down the very day that we descovered that the BBC 11th of september 2001 WTC 7 was taken off the internet archives files.
Since I found the firefox method which does not always work the first time.

Systematically, I make copies of any important Youtube videos knowing that tomorrow they might be taken down for good.


John works fairly well.

Something which I used to help grab some video for a college class project was this: A variety of file types can be converted.

Which Format to Choose????

Tom, which is the best format to choose to download and then BURN to DVD???

I often picked "mp4" or wmv.

Zamzar worked like a charm for downloading YouTube videos to my computer. I paid for a subscription via Paypal which is easy to cancel (I cancelled mine). It is also useful in converting pdf to a Word document. I never could get it to work with Google Video, although the Zamzar site says that it converts Google Video.

The videos are of a "YouTube" quality resolution. When made into a DVD, they have that grainy look because the screen size is so much larger on a TV screen.

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........Ill have to try it out.


How can i copy google or you tube video's , and put the whole video on an e mail say from hotmail?
I know how to copy and paste a link, but not how to put the video on the email so all you have to do is push play?

I think that you would want

I think that you would want to use the 'embed' code for that. This works on most social networking websites, but Im not sure about email systems.


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........I am no cpu guru. (laughing)...... I would also love to learn how to burn video's from here, Google & you tube for the simple reason alot of people who i try and educate on 9/11 and the unfederal no reserve would
rather pop it into a dvd player and watch it on there tv.


I don't know of a way to embed the video from Google or YouTube in email. I use Yahoo and Gmail and neither of them allow it. I think it takes up too much space or something. Probably a way to prevent us from educating the masses?? I also notice that Yahoo breaks up links in emails, which makes it hard to forward them on and on. Anyway. I'm no technology genius whatsoever, I just know the importance of it and that's why I made the post.

I don't even know how to burn videos from YouTube or GoogleVideo, but I do successfully copy a lot of dvd's that I've gotten from places on the net like...

Etc. and One Dollar DVD's etc. I burn them and use the old fashion marker to label them.

I know what you are saying though. Most people want to put a dvd in and watch it on their tv. For some reason it hits them harder when they view it on the thing where they get their mainstream news as well. Peace.

Hope this helps

Using Internet Explorer (yes I know ;-)) I have pasted YouTube and Google Video URLs into That usually brings up a choice of downloading either a FLV file, or an mp4, which is higher quality. Right-click on the mp4, -> 'Save as', then my download manager looks after things. ( I tried the Firefox way, but had problems, probably due to dropouts.

A good, free DVD authoring program is DVD Flick. for the download and a guide; another guide here: DVD Flick accepts .FLV, mp4, .AVI files and many more.

Take care that the target format you set in DVD Flick matches that of the source video. Download GSpot from
Run GSpot and use it to open the source video file. Check the frames per second figure; 29.9 or 30 means NTSC; 25 means PAL.

If you live in a country which uses PAL, don't worry about distributing NTSC DVDs. Most PAL DVD players will give a PAL output from an NTSC disc. If you really want to be sure, there's a conversion guide at

Sorry I don't know what the procedure re SECAM is.

You can set DVD Flick to make an .ISO file of your finished DVD, for archiving and using to burn video DVDs. A versatile, user-friendly and free disc burner is Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free, at You don't have to register it for it to work.

For checking out .FLV, mp4, .ISO and finished DVD video files, I recommend VLC Player:

For the widest possible compatibility, find out if your optical drive supports bitsetting (change book type). This allows a DVD+R to be recorded as a DVD-ROM, which all DVD players recognise. Nero Disc Speed is a free utility which will let you investigate bitsetting & use it if possible. Click on Extra->Bitsetting. I find I need to redo the setting every time the PC is turned on.

If your drive can't do bitsetting, it's no big deal. Most DVD players play DVD-R discs.

Good luck. Spread the truth.