Jimmy Carter Supports New 9/11 Investigation

The title says it all!

Excellent Job WAC Ohio!

Because of your work, Jimmy Carter, former president of the United States, is now on record supporting a new investigation of 911.

I don't have to tell you how significant this is.

Thank you so much for documenting this historic, watershed moment for our cause.

Big hat tip

to we are change.

We each bring unique skills to the fight for truth and justice.

Some are writers.

Some are artists.

Some are scientists.

Some are lawyers.

Some are celebs.

Some have great people skills.

Some courageously speak truth to power.

We ALL have gifts and strengths we can contribute...

We are all important, even though some are more in the spotlight than others.

The we are change folks are stars, but - whether your name is known or not - you are ALL heroes.

Great job

Can't wait to watch this when I get home!

Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.

~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Well done, guys!

A book signing in a Costco?

What a come down for a President. I guess because he didn't sell out to the Japanese, Saudi's or Chinese like those that followed him did. (Although the "Carter Doctrine" did commit the U.S. to protect the Saudis and Persian Gulf shipping as long as deemed necessary)

I expect the Carter Center to issue a careful clarification regarding his support for a new investigation within a week or two.

Keep up the great work!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

On the subject of the tight security...

...a commenter on the youtube link says it best:

"EXCELLENT work guys.,
considering the secret service were so tight, you did the best you could. Which makes another point as well. WHY are they so worried about Carter being recorded? Because they want the lies of government hidden from us! And they know that at his age, he could slip, or show, as he did, that he too doesn't believe their pack of lies about 911.
5's :)"

Excellent job Ohio!

Great work.

Good Job

but now we have to have the sitting president, Obama to agree with a new investigation. I know, I am dreaming but who knows? If we put enough pressure on him perhaps he will.

nice work!



p.s. ignore the endless bitching n moaning spewing from the garbage-dump (a.k.a. comments section) over there...

Jimmy Carter High on the List of Who Should Speak Out

and tell the whole TRUTH.

My Wish List:

Neil Young
Sean Penn
Sean Penn
Bruce Willis
The Two Naomis
Noam Chomsky
Ron Paul (fully)
Ralph Nader
Nelson Mandela
Coretta Scott King
Dennis Kucinich
Reverend Wright
The Dalai Lama
Amy Goodman

Awesome List.

That's a great way of laying out the goals and possibilities...

I'd add:

Michael Moore
Mohammad Ali
Charles Barkley
Bob Dylan
Michael Stipe
Hugo Chavez
Dan Rather
Thom Hartmann
Randi Rhodes
Mark Borchardt

We need contact information for all these too.

I think Coretta Scott King passed away though.

Coretta Passed January 30, 2006

that slipped my mind.
King's Children then.

Chavez made it pretty clear:



We need Larry Flynt too.

I'll add...

Keith Olbermann
Lou Dobbs
Chris Matthews
Joe Scarborough
Rachel Maddow
Larry King
Greta Van Sustryne
Bill O'Reilly
Sean Hannity
Anderson Cooper
Wolf Blitzer
Jack Cafferty

Oh sorry... I thought you meant the people that should be speaking out about the cover-up of 9/11 without any pressure from the public. Because it's their job.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Well, Hell Yes!

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

Jimmy Rocks! but not convincing

Have you tried setting up meeting with President Jimmy Carter or sending him a letter with your questions.
I'm not convinced Jimmy wants a new criminal investigation into 9/11 in this video just by his reaction to the covert way you cornered him ...He looked caught off guard . Jimmy deserves our respect and a more civil approach might be fruitful.

I disagree.

This is a public event. He was there to meet the public and sell his book and ideology. He is an experienced statesman. The person asked if he could ask a question. President Carter agree to answer the question. Then the question was asked. I believe President Carter understood the question. President Carter had the option of not answering, or answering to the positive or negative. He is an adult in full control of his faculties. He even clarified what the question was before he gave his answer. He said what he said. He has the option of changing his mind or back pedaling on his answer, but I don't think the questioner was unfair. I don't see anything disrespectful about asking him a question and listening to his answer. I believe he is for a new investigation of the events of 911. I am sure the questioner would have been willing to discuss the topic for as long as President Carter was willing to discuss it. I believe the questioner got his answer, thanked President Carter for the answer, and moved on in anticipation of the Secret Service coming down on him and out of respect for those standing in line.

A moment of candor

All the better if he wasn't prepared, because his answer is the more likely to be what he really thinks. Too brief, but still enough time for him to say, 'It'd be nice...'

Translation: Yes, we could really use another investigation.


"Uh, I didn't have anything to do with it, but yeah .."

That's what he said. Why would he say something so odd? NOBODY would think he had anything to "do with it". What a perplexing comment by a former President. I see nobody here commented on that.

Carter's odd response

Hey guys, I thought that response was VERY odd. Let's not be naive. His advisor was Zbrinski. (please excuse my spelling)
That was the response of a man who has morals, cares about doing what is right but knows that stuff
went on (probably under his administration) that was not right. In other words, he did have something to
do with 9/11. Like I said, I trust him to be a moral person that wants to do the right thing. I don't believe that he was in
on any of the plans or anything like that. It's more like, after 911 happened he was probably saying to himself,
so that's why Zbrinski wanted to spend so much time and money on training and recruiting the Afghan fighters.
It would be great to get him to come clean on what he knows, but I bet he won't in a millions years.

after listening again....he said...

Carter: "Another investigation?"

Q: "Yeah, into 9/11? Would you support it?"

Carter: "Yeah, I don't have anything to do with it but I certainly would ah...that'd be nice."

He said "I don't"

He didn't say "I didn't"

I interpret his statement to mean that he is not part of the organized push for a new investigation, as in, it is not on his agenda of activism, but he thinks it would be nice if there were a new investigation.

I was wondering about that too.

Literally speaking, his comment doesn't seem to quite make sense. So it can be left up to interpretation.

Sarah Palin didn't quite make sense either, when WeAreChange Ohio confronted her. Although in the case of Carter, he did clarify the question: "A new investigation?"

So when he said "I don't have anything to do with it," what did he mean? Did he mean that he doesn't have anything to do with the 9/11 coverup? 'Cause I don't think anyone's ever accused him of being "in on it." Or did he mean, "I wouldn't have anything to do with that new investigation, for chrissakes, I'm an old man!"

Well, I didnt think twice

Well, I didnt think twice about the comment because I interpreted as the second one, re: "Im an old man!" .. In other words, I think he understood the question, and responded honestly that he does support a new investigation, but desires to have nothing to do with it.



Incidentally, I just looked at the Sarah Palin encounter again. The reason she doesn't make sense is she most likely heard the words "support 9/11 families and first responders" and it knee-jerked her into saying "I do," followed by a meaningless sound byte which panders to the neo-cons "we must never forget" and "never again." Far in contrast to Carter's explicit "Another investigation?"

I agree Zombie Bill.

He thinks it would be nice, but he isn't taking it on as a cause.


I've noticed on a few forums (not just "debunking" forums but 9/11 truth friendly forums) that WAC is manipulative when asking these questions, the criticism being to the effect of: "Of course, they're going to say that they're supportive of victims' family members! How could you expect anyone to say no!"

Well, people (especially famous people) need to be reminded that it was the victims' family members who pushed for an investigation in the first place. And even prefacing the question with "victims' family members" doesn't convince everyone to support a new investigation. I'm too lazy to dig it up right now, but there was an event at which John "Popular Mechanics Foreword" McCain seemed to express his belief in the definitiveness of the 9/11 Omission Report. When the activist said to him, "Alot of family members are not satisfied with the investigation," McCain replied with words to the effect of "Well, there are a few dissatisfied individuals but I think the majority of the family members are satisfied with it."

So in light of that, the Carter confrontation is a satisfying episode.

I like that Carter didn't go

I like that Carter didn't go on about never letting it happen again, the long standing sappy statement. I think he meant he didn't have anything to do with it because he has been out for so long. Clinton was blamed for this by some, they can't blame Carter.

911 Truth Ends 911 Wars

Got over my laziness.

Here's John McCain definitively stating that he believes there's no cover-up:



That makes both Carter and Mondale

... not that either of them were very clear.

I got Mondale to comment on a new investigation, "Why did it happen? We need that ‘phase two’. They never did it.", but "phase two" could easily mean politically motivated whitewash version two.

Walter Mondale and Mark Dayton Support New 9/11 Investigation

(In other news, Mark Dayton has filed for the Gubernatorial race, so it will be fun catching up with him on the campaign trail.)

whitewash version two?

Whenever I'd see Bush at the briefing I'd ask him: "Grave White from Black Humour Weekly: Mr. Bush when you have now the immunity from Hussein Osama, o'sorry Obama - Osama was the one who mindlessly claimed he had nothing with, I'm apologizin' sir - the stupid Palin wants it and the dumb Carter says he hasn't anything to do with it and that it would be nice, would you support a new inquiry into the 9/11 - to let the people finaly learn the truth, that you're in it also quite innocent?"

The best fitting answer contest is pending…

this is positive

As more elites of conscience distance themselve emotionally and politically from the 911 event ,
it will be easier for many of them to commit to what is decent and right and legally obligatory