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9/11 Truth Teachin Marathon -- 5 hours -- 5 key 9/11 Truth Classics
Key information for the uninitiated and the initiated alike.

Debate on Controlled Demolition -- Gage versus Craig
Radio debate on whether or not the World Trade Towers were brought down by controlled demolition or not. Richard Gage, AIA, versus Ron Craig, explosives expert. Richard Gage is the founder of Architects and Engineers for 911Truth.

9/11 Blueprint: The Architecture of Destruction -- Richard Gage, AIA
Interview with Bay Area architect Richard Gage, AIA, about the organization he has formed, "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth". Outreach to architects and engineers; presentations to the public and to professionals; the physical evidence of controlled demolition of the World Trade Center twin towers and building seven. For more information: Architects and Engineers for 911Truth.

Thermite: A Case For 9/11 Controlled Demolition -- Dr. Steven Jones
Interview with Physicist and Co-Founder of 911 Scholars for Truth, Dr. Steven E. Jones. Dr. Jones' paper, "Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?" is discussed. Evidence for the controlled-demolition hypothesis is discussed in detail.

Debunking 9/11 Debunking -- David Ray Griffin
Interview with author and theologian, Dr. David Ray Griffin, on his new book, Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory. Dr. Griffin takes on four major semi-official publications: The Popular Mechanics book, Debunking 9/11 Myths; the Kean/Hamilton book, Without Precedent; Vanity Fair's, "9/11 Live the NORAD Tapes"; and NIST's "Answers to Frequently Asked Questions", as well as recent articles in The Progressive, Counterpunch, The Nation, etc. Rational versus irrational conspiracy theories; good science versus bad science; the stand down; psychological resistance to the evidence.

9/11: The Myth and the Reality -- David Ray Griffin
This is one of the most famous lectures given by David Ray Griffin at the Grand Lake Theator in Oakland, California in March of 2006. It covers most of the facts as to why the official 911 story is a myth and what really happened on 9/11. Given to a sold out standing ovation audience of 800...don't miss this one!!

Coming up Saturday - ONE KEY

When I go to the website I see this:

Coming up Saturday - ONE KEY Progressive TRUTH Classic -- 1 HOUR
Key information for the uninitiated and the initiated alike.
Obama's War Administration -- Webster Tarpley
(A Guns & Butter Production.)

Actually, you'll find that a number of people involved in 9/11 work don't appreciate or support the claims of Webster Tarpley after a series of incidents in which he called activists COINTELPRO to public audiences with zero evidence. See Arabesque's post, "Webster Tarpley: Arabesque, Cosmos, Jenny Sparks, Jon Gold, Michael Wolsey, and Truthaction are “disinfo”"

Wikipedia describes the background this way:

"In August, 2007, Webster Tarpley issued the Kennebunkport Warning, which claimed an impending "false flag attack" in America in the "coming months."[8] Controversy ensued after Jamilla El-Shafei, Cindy Sheehan, Dahlia Wasfi, and Ann Wright issued a joint-statement claiming that they did not sign this Kennebunkport Warning.[9] In response to this denial, Tarpley sent out a widely distributed and highly publicized email in which he characterized Cindy Sheehan, Anne Wright and other anti-war activists as "lying in appalling fashion" and "wretched individuals."[10][11]"

That didn't go over well, nor did his attack on activists.

I notice too that now this radio program is moving on to include UFO topics --

UFO SATURDAY -- explorations in UFO research
Captured!: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience
-- Stanton T. Friedman and Kathleen Marden
Gene Steinberg and David Biedny of TheParacast.Com spend the evening with Stanton T. Friedman and Kathleen Marden, co-authors of "Captured!: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience." Ms. Marden is Betty Hill's niece and has amassed a huge collection of documents about her aunt's life and the 1961 UFO abduction experience.
This week's show was broadcast courtesty of the TheParacast.Com and it is archived there. (See 7-8-07)

UFO accounts are interesting, but it really about "lies"? And when you get into abductions, you're getting into shaky ground, the ground of poltergeists, schizophrenia, etc, since there is usually never any significant evidence outside of someone's personal claim.

Warpley Tarpley.

I don't like Webster Tarpley. I admit to liking him at first. Seemed like a good strong communicator when I first saw him on film. But I no longer get a good feeling about him. For the reasons you state and from his recent radio interviews.


No Lies Radio is a non-profit non-commercial radio station. We are a Pacifica Radio network affliate and we broadcast 24*7 on the Internet. We carry dozens of diverse radio programs independently produced by numerous individuals and groups from all over the planet. Some of these shows contain viewpoints which are extremely controversial. However, we would never dream of censoring viewpoints that even we do not agree with. We believe in the free flow of ideas and the discussion that results from this freedom. We are a free speech radio station with a wide variety of controversial programing! We are not a singular radio program promoting a single point of view or cause!

Please note that we carry a one hour daily 911Truth Teachin at 6pm Eastern and a 5 hour Teachin marathon on Sundays at 12 Noon Eastern. That is a minimum of 10 hours per week quality 911 Truth teachin shows and we have been doing so for over a year. That is a lot of exposure for the 911 Truth movement that you are not likely to find anywhere else on the radio dial. We also carried "live" important 911 Truth events such as the NIST Building 7 news conference and the AE911Truth.org counter news conference which we helped organize.

Please take a look at the diversity of our weekly radio schedule here:

>>However, we would never

>>However, we would never dream of censoring viewpoints that even we do not agree with.

Choosing not to host a particular type of program probably does not amount to "censorship", but rather, is part of a programming decision.

But I guess Rense and Coast to Coast get a lot of traffic out of UFOs, so why not, right?

The issue I'm talking about is called Big Tent, in relation to 9/11. While we all want diversity, Big Tent emphasizes tolerance of diverse ideas and theories over quality of evidence and reasoning. The difference between "9/11 Truth" and a lot of other issues, cover-ups or causes out there is that we have been the target of massive discrediting efforts for the past 7 years + amounting to the vast majority of the world seeing us not as people seeking truths -- scientists, architects, activists, politicians -- but as "conspiracy theorists". When detractors can easily sandwich "9/11 Truth" with antisemitism, UFOs, "no planes," and other ideas that are aversive to average thinking people, we become all the more easily labeled.

My job is not to tell you what to program on your show, only to alert people here of what choices you are making. I realize you host 9/11 programs and make an effort to expose truths by doing that, but readers can see for themselves that that work comes with other programs they should be aware of. Nothing more, nothing less.