Did BIll Moyer's Guest Say 9/11 Was an Inside Job?

In 2008, Architect, Richard Gage Published a Video DVD containing evidence and “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” that three WTC skyscrapers were deliberately destroyed with explosives.

On November 7, Gage’s evidence was submitted to the FBI along with a letter explaining that the conclusions and implications of Gage’s presentation could be of immediate concern to the national security of the United States.

December 22, 2008, a letter of reply was received from the FBI’s head of Counterterrorism – Michael J. Heimbach who assessed Richard Gage’s presentation as: “…backed by thorough research and analysis.

We were stunned that Director Heimbach replied with an honest evaluation of the evidence – cutting through years disappointing efforts to get cooperation from Senators and Congress to act in the interests of National Security.

FBI Director Heimbach is a career public servant who displayed courage by placing his name next to evidence that will surely expose the government and media cover-up of 9/11 in a court of Law.

But the Rule of Law is in danger from the past 7 years of assaults on our Constitution and Civil Rights. We must put pressure on Congress to demand that they fund a new 9/11 investigation.

If Congress fails to apply the Rule of Law to prosecute the Biggest Crime in American History, the Courts may never again be there to protect our Civil Rights.

Call Congress – Tell them we Demand a Criminal Investigation of 9/11.
The biggest Crime in American History Demands a Criminal Trial.

Letter to FBI and Reply from Heimbach: