Countdown 2/5/09: Olbermann: Cheney doing the work of terrorists

Countdown 2/5/09: Olbermann: Cheney doing the work of terrorists

In a Special Comment, Keith Olbermann outlines that Dick Cheney, who terrorized the American people more than the terrorists ever did, has no place to criticize the Obama administration on counterterrorism.

Powerful counter-blast to

Powerful counter-blast to the war on sanity. Worth clicking through youtube to vote it up.

Former Mr. Vice President

In typical progressive form, Olbermann fails to recognize that Cheney wins this round because of his in the know knowledge of the next False Flag attack.


........For all those here? How many of you think Keith knows the truth? I would have to say a man as intelligent as he is..........KNOWS



Knowing, then knowing and

Knowing, then knowing and then doing something powerfully useful with it is your next challenge Mr. Olbermann

Occasional Notes of Encouragement...


Knows! But also knows that if he tells what he knows, his credibility will be questioned, he will be character assassinated like Spitzer and Blagojevich (BTW nobody character assassinates like the American media. It's blood sport.) and he will have to live the rest of his life as an anonymous has-been.
Maybe it's better for someone in his position to chip away judiciously and systematically at the false reality and therefore keep his job. Let's face it, if he's gone there aren't too many who are willing to go as far as Keith goes.
It's a fine balancing act Keith has to maintain and he is brilliant enough to pull it off. He was the most consistent and loudest critic of the Bush administration and probably opened the eyes of many Americans who were otherwise subject to the typical pro Bush propaganda in the rest of the media.
Hopefully a time will come when it won't be considered heresy to suggest we haven't been told the whole truth about 9/11. Then maybe Keith and others like him will feel safe to push the issue.


Would like to read the first draft of his talk, before the sanding and polishing. More and more it seems that the words "terrorist" and "Hijacker" assume a metaphorical rather than real usage with the astute and honest in public discourse. Am i right?