POLL: Obama Should Commission An Independent 9/11 Special Prosecutor Investigation?

February 7, 2009
Govt- Politics:

By Gene Cappa

Poll: Obama Should Commission An Independent 9/11 Special Prosecutor Investigation?

The World Trade Center Towers, Buildings 1, 2, and 7, came straight down on 9/11 precisely into their own footprints in mere seconds at free fall, they were not toppled over by aircraft or melted by fires as claimed by the Bush administration.

All 3 steel and concrete buidlings imploded from within in a timed, controlled fashion, with their massive steel core columns cut precisely into 35 foot sections for easy hauling on flat bed trucks and hurled violently outwards with explosive force hundreds of feet from all 3 buildings. All the rock solid thick reinforced concrete was pulverized and actually vaporized into extremely toxic, poisonous dust and powder several inches thick surrounding all 3 buildings for blocks, even for miles, and there were gigantic pyroclastic volcanic like clouds billowing outward and upwards reaching up to the skyline from the doomed buildings in every and all possible directions, even seen from outer space.. These scientific facts backed up by eye witness observations are undeniable and definite characteristics of the use of highly professional and controlled demolitions using timed cutter military grade thermite and thermate explosive charges known for cutting through steel like a butter knife cutting through soft butter.

Most certainly, what looks exactly like controlled explosive demolitions without any doubt whatsoever cannot be anything else.

The Bush administration fake story holding that the planes crashing into 1 and 2, and the resulting fires in 1, 2, and 7, collapsed and melted the buildings is surely a diabolical conspiracy on our nation because it would require the American people to deny what they actually saw and witnessed on that day and they would also have to timidly accept the completely false Bush assertion that science itself should be completely rejected and ignored for the exclusive benefit of the Bush administration fake story line on that one day only on 9/11.

A commercial airliner could not possibly fit into that small 15 foot wide hole in the Pentagon on 9/11, and there was no airliner wreckage found at the site, no jet engines made of titanium were recovered, and no passenger seats, luggage, or other aircraft debris were found at the Pentagon site. Once again, the Bush administration fake story holding that a commercial airliner hit the Pentagon is surely a diabolical conspiracy against the American people because the damage done at the Pentagon has all the undeniable and definite characteristics of a deliberate missile hit on the Pentagon.

President Barack Obama should commission an Independent 9/11 Special Prosecutor Investigation to consider the near certain probability that the World Trade Center Towers, all 3 buildings, were deliberately detonated, destroyed, and brought down by timed explosives, controlled demolitions, and the Pentagon was deliberately hit by a missile, the specific purpose of these 9/11 false flag attacks on our great nation was most probably to give George W. Bush the near absolute imperial or king like powers to rule over the United States as a dictator, literally speaking, an abhorrent abomination to a free and democratic Republica, and also to make it very possible for George W. Bush to pursue, without any constraints, limitations, or hindrance from our quaint laws or Constitution whatsoever, his aggressive, reckless, and un-American foreign and domestic agenda for the expansion of his predatory empire and his own unitary (dictatorial) reign.



229 votes so far, with 210 saying "yes - reinvestigate" while only 15 say "no - planes and fires did it; let's move on." (4 say they're unsure.)