Eleventh Of Every Month: London January 11th

Trafalgar Square. 1 PA System. 800 dvds. 800 flyers. 9 new people. 20 people total. If you live in London join our meetup group and get involved!


After the street action some of us went to listen to an Ex-Guantanamo Bay guard and two former detainees speak at Friends Meeting House addressing an audience of nearly 500 people. Christopher Arendt, the first guard to speak publicly, discussed his experiences in Guantanamo and how he left the army and joined Iraq Veterans Against the War. He was joined by former detainees Jaralla Al-Marri and Moazzam Begg. Al-Marri just six months ago was shackled and caged in Guantanamo Bay and his brother remains the only “enemy combatant” imprisoned in the USA. We gave dvds to people as they were leaving.

Download the audio from the talk at either:

800 DVDs & Flyers! Great stat! Great Visibility!

London, Great Job! ...and a tip of the hat from Texas!

Anybody Remember the Time...

when it was somewhat difficult to give away a DVD?
Excellent Job at Disseminating TRUTH.

North Texans for 911 Truth
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

Great Results and a Big One coming Up.

We need to support this movement at http://www.TruthAction.org

Cosmos said this is going to be the two year anniversary on February 11th

And that new groups are forming still from month to month.

He also stressed that this is going to be the first 11th Action in the Obama era.

Let's all do what we can do to help publicize these efforts and keep the momentum going.

Otherwise let's keep posting and spreading the word. The Eleventh of Every Month!!!!

Beautiful job WAC UK!

Great video and pics too.

I am inspired.


Take ACTION on the 11th of Every Month!

~In Lak'esh
(Mayan: You are another me)


Great stuff Gareth!

Great job WAC UK!!! WAC

Great job WAC UK!!!
WAC Arizona thanks you.