CCTV Aftermath Photos

CCTV Aftermath Photos (photos by fuzheado)

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...looks like China knows how to erect buildings that won't collapse due to fire !!!
This is just another example of what should of took place on 9/11/01.
Most of the jet fuel (kerosene) evaporated in the explosion, & what was left was what we have in this fire.
Not even that. This building was under construction, from what I understand !!
We have got to be able to use this event as evidence that fire alone cannot bring down a steel structure !!

Nothing like a little real life

comparison, to show how improbable WTC7 collapse was.

I'm sure a few stubborn lightbulbs, we'll get turned on, (just a few)

You are so right about that.

For those who may not have seen the Beijing Mandarin Oriental Hotel/TVCC building fire video, here it is from youtube. Note the intensity of this fire.

I see the crimp in the

I see the crimp in the building didn't even worsen.

Didn't even lean at all from the raging inferno that everyone describes it as.

Sham Sunder Explains:

The "crimp" at the Chinese Skyscraper fire created an entirely new phenomenon we will call Counter Crimp.
It was because the building was totally engulfed in flame that heat could not concentrate on one column causing the recently discovered anomaly we named "thermal expansion" which caused WTC7 to collapse.
The Counter Crimping reversed the force of gravity.

Amazing shots . . . thanks

Amazing shots . . . thanks for finding these.

This is one of the best examples we have so far to compare to. We'll be adding it to the list.

The original building designed by OMA is here --

OMA just updated their

OMA just updated their website to show the steel structure of the building as the background of their images of the design . . . I bet they've gotten a LOT of inquiries about the structure!

But other places I'm reading that it's a mixture of concrete and steel, so it's not clear exactly what the structure is. The engineering firm, Arup, touts that it has upgraded its engineering practices since 9/11 to conform with new standards . . .

Front page

This should be front-page stuff.


China has some damn good steel ! I am so glad thermal expansion didn't happen in all those flames! It would have hit the ground in 6.7 seconds if all that steel gave way at the same time.

Totally different construction

Essentially the two builings in Bejing were steel tube and steel girders AND steel reinforced concrete also.
Why should be clear:

The shocking events of 9/11 challenged both
industry and consumer perceptions of how safe
tall buildings are. Since then, building owners,
occupiers and developers have increasingly
called for building designs that are not only
taller than ever before, but more robust as well.

Arup’s response to the World Trade Center
disaster was swift, establishing an Extreme Events
Mitigation Task Force charged with evaluating the
risks of disasters similar to those that have taken
place in recent years, analysing the technical
challenges they represent and developing design
solutions to address them. With typical zeal, and
chaired by the late Tony Fitzpatrick, then chairman
of Arup’s Americas region, the task force mobilised
the might of the firm’s in-house research and
development capabilities and specialist teams on
tall buildings, fire, materials, structural analysis and
other disciplines to see what lessons could be
learnt from the World Trade Centre disaster.

ARUP was part of the WTC-Response Team.

And made the stress load tests of the CCTV und TVCC.