Ok,experiment is a basic element of modern science.In order to scientificaly prove a controlled demolition of WTC 1,2,7 we have to create a theory on the exact method,which was used to bring them down and than test it with (repetebale) experiment.

I (with large influence from achimspok's work) did a theory on the precollapse weakening and initiation of the (Twin Towers collapses).I've described it in my previous posts,but a little bit of recapitulation isn't gonna to do any damage.

core column

So what caused the precollapse bowing of the exterior walls of WTC 1 and 2?Most probably thermite charges which were placed mainly at the 104th,105th and 106th floor.This charges attacked mainly the 1000 and 900 row core columns.(I'm not claiming that this was all,maybe there were other attacked points of the structure,but I'm absolutely sure only about these points)

Wanna prove?

So I maide a claim that there were some cuts in the 1000 and 900 row columns at this elevation,and that thermite was the weapon of choice.

What should we test?

The claim that thermite was used to cut the core columns was and is largely attacked by the debunkers.They often say things like "thermite doesn't cut sideways" and that the thick steel of the box columns was hard to cut and that the devices would be too large to fit into the elevator shafts etc.

Maybe I've found a way to silence them.

Let's look at the suspected columns.

core column

This is how the attacked columns looked like.You see,that's the solution!

Those columns were H-profile and .......their walls were relatively thin.The preparators've simply chosen these columns beacause those were the easiest targets.Maybe you ask why they had to cut the column,why they couldn't simply weaken a more columns.....I have an answer,but I'm just too lazy to write it,so look for it in this videos.

H-shaped column is simply more vulnerable to the thermite charge than his box shaped counterpant.(the walls are both-container and the target...the molten iron is contained,so the effect is maximal,the box column doesn't have these advatanges)

H column versus thermite charge

lol omgwtf it doesn't work

So,what's my point?

We all know,that our movement was able to do this.

So,why not to take a small section of the above mentioned H-profile column,which run at the 105th floor and not to subject it to a thermite charge,to see if it realy works!

Let's make an experiment,let's try to finally determine how much thermite was needed!

Everyone,here in the truth movement,with the needed resources should try to participiate in this experiment.

Am I naive?I don't know,but if there are people,who can fire a 35kg thermite charge in front of a 22-feet sign...why there are not people who can do this important experiment.

Please,try to think about it and definitely..comment this blogpost.

or do you want to be dismissed by this type of videos?You have the power to shut their keyboards!!!Realize it!