GOAL REACHED - AE911Truth Fundraiser For NIST WTC7 Collapse Simulation Data


A member of Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth filed a FOIA request with NIST for the data used to generate the WTC 7 collapse simulations. NIST found two terabytes of responsive data and assessed a fee of $824.98. Please see the FOIA Request for more details. Background information on how LS-DYNA was used by NIST is posted here.

The hard drives will be sent directly to AE and we will make the data available to everyone. Archive.org has indicated they are happy to host it. We are also looking for others willing to donate the necessary webspace. It's unknown if the data is compressed. Due to the extreme size of the data set, we will also provide physical copies to interested individuals who provide the necessary hard drives.

As of 02/12/2009 the donation total is $570.00 • Balance needed: $254.98

Please make a donation here!

- jkeogh@ae911truth.org

Almost There

The balance is now at $124.98...please chip in if you can!

Another donation

Just hit AE911Truth.org with another donation... something I do every time they notch another hundred (602!)....

Ask NIST To Justify Search/Reproduction Fees

Request an itemized search and reproduction estimate.

I have wondered if NIST is applying very large fees to deter requesters.


The total went $45.02 over so that will be applied to David Chandlers Journal Paper Submission Fee.

We will obtain and release the data as fast as possible! -jk


Someone made the very good suggestion that the surplus should go to the WTC victims fund. We will do that instead.



Good idea &/or Use it for advertising?

Architects & Engineers, We Are Change, and Truth Action.org (the 11th of every month campaign) all need more advertising.
I'd say some should go towards that as well. There was recently legislation put forth for 9/11 first responder too. That could use publicity.

Just got back

from Richard's presentation at the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver. Full house (at least 150 people,) great energy, and a fantastic job by Colorado 9/11 Visibility and We Are Change Colorado for bringing this event to fruition.
We learned tonight that Richard and about a dozen of his associates were recently laid off, so he'll be doing AE9/11Truth work full-time. Their loss is our gain. Even $10 a month from a bunch of us will make a tremendous difference, so instead of thinking about becoming a sustaining member of AE9/11Truth, just go ahead and do it already!