Obama: Reopen the 9/11 Investigation -- Parts 1 & 2

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Obama: Reopen the 9/11 Investigation -- Part 1
by Melissa Rossi
February 10, 2009

Patrick Leahy has a point when he urges President Obama to open investigations about the Bush administration. However, he's not pointing at the issue that we need to start with. Namely, September 11th. What really happened? More than a few people know - and I am not alone in calling for those who know to start talking and fess up. Let's not let this go the way of the JFK assassination - and whether with subpoenas or on their own volition, I demand that Dick Cheney, George W. Bush - both of whom refused to testify under oath during the 9/11 Commission proceedings -- Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Armitage, Larry Wilkerson, George Tenet, Robert Mueller and the rest - as well as Bill Clinton and Al Gore (both of whom also refused to testify under oath) -- start talking, and in a public arena. And I'm calling on the Obama administration to open up a probe and unravel the web of deceit.

Before we tuck the Bush administration into bed and hiss, "Nighty Night, you lying scoundrels," before we go on to lock the door on that heinous era of American history, we do indeed need to probe what happened under their watch. But the event that most concerns me is what happened on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Oh yeah, that's history, old news, the 9/11 Commission figured it all out, right? Except that members of the 9/11 Commission say it was "set up to fail" and that the investigation was severely hampered. So do assorted former members of the CIA, who demand a fresh look at the events of that day.

So, President Obama - leader of a new era in the United State - serve your people: pull out that can opener and pry open that can of worms.

In following posts, I will outline some of the most mysterious coincidences and events that deserve re-examination - and there are many, including how strange things happen whenever Dick Cheney's around and the missile defense program is slated to be cut as I note here and here. But let's start with the premise that all was not told, and we deserve to know the truth about this catastrophic event that so changed the world -- and boosted the military budget to new highs.

While the Obama administration is fresh - and even though we're all grappling with this economy - I urge Americans to demand that this be a top priority, and not to let Obama shrug off this "mystery" that was cloaked by his predecessor.
To be continued....

Obama: Reopen the 9/11 Investigation -- Part 2
by Melissa Rossi
February 11, 2009

So many dastardly acts were committed during the Bush administration (many of them by the Bush administration) that it's hard to nail down the worst. Senator Patrick Leahy recently suggested formation of a "Truth Commission" to investigate the interrogation, torture, and shredding of civil liberties that occurred as part of the Bush administration's "War on Terror" and as Sam Stein reported here directly approached Obama about opening investigations.

I humbly suggest that the Obama administration should start by investigating the event that set the dominoes tumbling and would so shake the world that it would lead to a panicked Congress giving the previous administration a blank check for military funding (which now chomps more tax dollars than anything else in the government budget including Social Security) and a steadfast nod to questionable military adventures that sucked us into a black hole (Iraq and Afghanistan), while Congress effectively shut its eyes to the erosion of Americans' rights, the boosting of power of the executive office, the gagging of the press, and a nonstop disinformation campaign to hoodwink the American people - as well as the Bush administration's approval of extreme treatment of suspects and prisoners that might constitute war crimes.

I'm still troubled by September 11, 2001. Not merely the terrifying events of the attacks that day, but the fact that it still hasn't been fully explained. It could be and it should be. The Bush administration never came clean with "what really happened" - but the Obama administration needs to set history straight on what unfolded that day, and detail the role played by the Bush administration in it.

As more new information has emerged contradicting the official 9/11 Commission report or appearing to fill holes in it - reports about finding the black boxes of the hijacked airplanes, inconsistencies about Flight 93 (did it explode from a bomb onboard, was it shot down, or did it indeed crash as a result of the passenger rebellion?), contradictory reports about the identities of the hijackers and other reports that point to a number of Cheney-commissioned war games ongoing that day that the Bush administration never fully brought to light - and as the weakness of the 9/11 commission itself has come into the public arena -- the Obama administration owes it to the American people to reopen that can of vipers and in this sifting through the events try to figure out what really happened to debunk the fallacies - be they conspiracy theories that don't hold water or the suffocating blanket of disinformation continually dropped on Americans by the Bush administration.

Only with a new investigation into 9/11 can the needed light be shed on this dark moment. This time we need a commission:
• that is properly funded (the previous commission started with a piddly $3 million budget compared to $50 million to investigate the Space Shuttle disaster ),
• duly empowered (the previous commission, noted its co-chair Lee Hamilton "had a lot of trouble getting access to documents and to people" and was hesitant to use its subpoena power),
• given unfettered access to needed information and parties (Bush, Cheney, Bill Clinton and Gore refused to testify under oath),
• with members that owe and want no favors to or from the parties involved (executive director of the 9/11 commission Philip Zelikow had been vying for a job with the Bush administration when he served on their transition team in 2000-2001 and post-investigation was appointed to the weighty federal post of counselor of the State Department in 2005).
• Willing to "name names" and point fingers
• Conduct its hearings in the light of day - not behind closed doors - and make interviews part of the public record.

To aid future historians and to help the American people understand what truly unfolded over the past eight years, to set the record straight and answer the many unanswered questions, we need to petition Obama to spend but a few million dollars to dig further into the details of 9/11. And as part of that investigation, the investigation needs to look long and hard at how the Bush administration's (particularly Dick Cheney's) preoccupation with missile defense, which it was making the number 1 focus of its lobbying efforts, directly influenced the tragedy that unfolded on that tragic Tuesday in September 2001.

Melissa Rossi is the author of What Every American Should Know about the Middle East and What Every American Should Know about Who's Really Running the World, among other books in her series with Plume/Penguin Books.

You guys know what to do...

Spread this far and wide. This is a breakthrough in the left-hood gatekeeper community. The blocks could start falling real quick now.

The biggest obstacle has been the taboo of the topic. This may help push it through and force it to be confronted in which we know what happens then.

Peace. And thank goodness for this. Nice Post.



first time 9/11 truth has been exposed on Huff Po?

I used to read Huff Po daily and have never seen 9/11 truth on there. I think this may be the first exposure. Anyone know for sure?

I agree with Orangatan:

"The blocks could start falling real quick now."

No longer taking comments . . .

Apathy Supports the Status Quo

I logged onto the Huffinpost to add my two cents and thank HP for having the courage to talk about this, and the posts were full because they were not accepting any more comments. I think the blocks could start falling soon too.

Senate Judiciary Chairman says Bush officials could be prosecut


Senate Judiciary Chairman says Bush officials could be prosecuted
David Edwards and John Byrne
Published: Wednesday February 11, 2009

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said in an interview Tuesday evening that Bush Administration officials could be criminally prosecuted if they lied under oath as part of a proposed investigation into Bush-era abuses.

Leahy chose his words carefully, to be sure. But his words went slightly farther than that of other Congressional Democrats, who maintain that probing abuses of the Bush era is critical to preserving the integrity of law.

"You're going to have people, some people will say, let's go ahead and prosecute everybody," Leahy told MSNBC host Rachel Maddow Tuesday. "That can take 10 or 15 years. Others want to ignore everything. I don't agree with that."

But, he said, the Senate could set up a "truth commission" like that established by Sen. Frank Church in the 1970s, which was aimed at bringing out abuses of the President Richard Nixon era. Church's commission resulted in an array of reforms that tightened civil liberties protections after Nixon's infamous wiretapping and Watergate scandals.

"What if a truth commission did a thorough investigation of the type you're describing and they found that in fact horrible crimes were committed?" Maddow asked. "If there wouldn't be prosecution, how would say -- how would we say now we know and they all legally got away with it, how would that stop these things from happening again?"

Leahy seemed to signal a slight shift -- previously his focus seemed more on uncovering misdeeds than in prosecuting officials. While not saying that he was planning for prosecutions, he indicated that they could certainly result.

"I think because of the fact it's very, very public and the way they find out about it, it makes it very clear to the next person, you try the same thing, you are going to be found out, you are going to be prosecuted," Leahy said. "You are also going to have some people that will refuse to -- perhaps refuse to testify, even though offered immunity. With the evidence from the others, they can be prosecuted. And, of course, anybody can be prosecuted for perjury."

David Carle, a spokesman for Sen. Leahy, noted that Leahy's commission concept was a proposal and no bill had yet been introduced.

"He wanted to begin a discussion," Carle said.

Asked about potential prosecutions, he reiterated that immunity would still "of course" require truthful replies.

Leahy subpoenaed Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove to testify on the firing of nine US Attorneys in 2007. Rove never appeared. He was subsequently called to testify twice by the House Judiciary Committee, and said recently that he would refuse to honor congressional subpoenas related to the case.

Leahy's commission concept received a cool response from President Barack Obama in his Tuesday night press conference, though Obama admitted he hadn't read it.

"It's not a perfect way of doing it, but it may be the only way to get the truth out," Leahy said. "And I think that the only way you're going to stop a future administration from being tempted to do some of the same things is if the truth comes out."

Immunity seems to be the keystone of Leahy's plan to extract the truth.

You "either grant enough immunity to get the truth out or you don't get it at all, because otherwise you are just going to have constant stonewalling."

Why would those who testified get immunity?

"The only way they would have immunity would be if they testified and testified thoroughly," he added. "Because they would be asked under oath, have you given us all of the information? You withhold, that's perjury and you would be prosecuted for that."

This video is from MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show, broadcast Feb. 10, 2009.

Leahy is right

either you give immunity and get the truth or you never get it with constant stonewalling.

David Ray Griffin is also advocating this approach as he feels it is the only way we will get the truth.

Unfortunately, this is probably the only way to really get at what occurred, but in the end it will also have a deterent effect. There will be a certain level of public humiliation for the perpetrators. Even though they might not go to jail it will certainly make their lives different when it comes to how people view them. They will be viewed with contempt and reviled the rest of their lives. There won't be any place to polish that legacy.

I think this is good news and I am glad to hear it is being discussed by people like Patrick Leahy.

Still it would be sad if they got away with it

Giving the small fish immunity to get to the big fish is what usually happens in criminal investigations. That may not happen in this case. Though it would be very satisfying to see the big guys convicted, there are other (political) considerations. There is likely involvement of elements in the military-industrial complex, in intelligence agencies, and in private contractor circles, and I am not sure whether the Dems dare to screw with those guys. On the other hand, the outrage resulting from an investigation may be so extended, that prosecution is the only way, and I personally hope for that. Thousands of people died after all.

I Do Not Trust Patrick Leahy..

He looks to be only going after the weakest of crimes torture and wiretapping. He is doing this to avoid the higher crimes. This is a set up as far as I can tell.

Check out this bullshit page of his:

"Support a Truth & Reconciliation Commission"

"I have proposed the idea of a truth and reconciliation commission to investigate abuses during the Bush-Cheney Administration -- so they never happen again. These abuses may include the use of torture, warrantless wiretapping, extraordinary rendition, and executive override of laws.

Please sign this online petition, urging Congress to consider establishing a truth and reconciliation commission to investigate the Bush-Cheney Administration's abuses."

I particularly like this comment from Patriot1970

"The Conspiracy Theorists are starting to make sense now. I hate to say it. Who are the crazy ones? Us or them? Look at everything going on with the banks etc. If you read anything at all, they have been trying to warn us of this. But stupid sheeple we americans are ignore them and call them crazy....not so crazy now."

at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/melissa-rossi/obama-reopen-the-911-inve_b_165849.html


In 2006 Ariana was on book tour for her book "Courage." We were about to do our first whistleblower leafletting and bannering. This is where we seek whistleblowers from major fed agencies through a leafl;et of a banner. See 911courage.org. I invited her to participate, but never heard back.

She does let Kristin Breitweiser post.

Rossi used to have a regular

Rossi used to have a regular column at National Geographic Traveler. Didn't they do a hit piece on us? Maybe someone can ask her when they get a chance.

Huffington comments are very encouraging

Reading the comments on this article over at Huffington Post is very encouraging as about 98% of them are totally for this initiative! Investigate 9-11 and this time, follow the money.

9/11 Widow Beverly Eckert on Buffalo flight

I've been trying to post this for a while but it's not showing up, it's been all over CNN the last hour, and Obama, in giving condolences to the families fo the crash victims, mentioned he had met with Beverly Eckert a few dayas ago.

I did see an ABC news report on line from 7 hours ago on this. Possible causes include engine/mechanical failure complicated by sub-freezing weather (ice or wind shear?) affecting carburator engines, but the black boxes are on their way to DC for further examination.



Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Great info that your providing.

There is nothing that honest people are asking for other than an open and honest investigation into the events of 9/11.
So,please explain how that in of itself can be UN-American?
I would think by hiding the truth would not only be Un- American, but an act of treason.
I'm afraid that president Obama won't ask for such, as he knows he has to play ball with the real powers too be, and that if he rocks the boat to far, well... see what happen to Kennedy!
I for one am not going to hold my breath until an investigation is re- opened, and isn't that a shame that we have allowed a few bad people take control of this great nation.