Torture, Rendition, Terror & Oil: A Primer on "Deep Politics"

Torture, Rendition, Terror & Oil: A Primer on "Deep Politics"

by Nafeez Ahmed, February 9, 2008

Why is the Obama administration hell-bent on continuing rendition, and covering-up torture? Why are Western states complicit in these illegal activities? How can the systematic perpetuation of such criminal practices under the rubric of the 'War on Terror' be conducted by the very states who claim to be the guardians of 'international law' and 'human rights'?

The practice of rendition, linked inextricably to the facilitation of torture, is an integral part of the conduct of the western ‘War on Terror’, initiated after 9/11. It therefore needs to be understood in the context of western geopolitical, strategic and economic strategies, and their connection to national security policies. Only by grasping this wider context can rendition be understood in terms of its relationship to the logic of current western strategies, which are themselves rooted in longstanding social, political, ideological and economic processes tied to the protection of powerful vested interests. The movement against rendition will be ineffective if it fails to understand and confront precisely these underlying strategies, processes and interests in the context of which rendition is being practiced and facilitated by western states...


I might suggest that you

I might suggest that you consider rewriting your article........

First, anyone slams me for anything I am a truther and have been for many years.

However, when you declare "reditions" as being "linked inextricably to the facilitation of torture" is INCORRECT.

Rendition in it's ORIGINAL form, which is what Obama has returned it to, is to capture a suspect and take them to the country they are wanted in for trial.

Now, Extrodinary Rendition is what you are talking about. And that does lead to torture and all the wrong things. This is what Bush devised and used throughout his terms.

Please make this correction, as it makes us look ignorant. After all, even the Human Rights groups agree that having Rendition is not a bad thing in the form that Obama has returned it to.

Rendition is kidnapping

"Extradition" is the legal term for moving a suspect from one country to another AFTER a court has reviewed the evidence, AND, if there is an Extradition Treaty allowing the transfer of subjects between the two countries.

"Rendition" is just unlawful kidnapping of innocent people from one country (often for delivery to a third country) by the Rogue USA Police State.

Yes, but it is NOT

Yes, but it is NOT torture!

The article EQUATES "Rendition" with torture, and IT IS NOT.

This is why many people in the truth movement are not taken seriously.......

EXAGERATIONS like this leads people to be turned off to our cause.

It's fine if the article is re-writen to state that "Rendition" is "Kidnapping", but relating it to torture is like calling waterboarding "just like swimming".

Why dock me for telling the truth??? Is that not what we are trying to do? If you CENSOR a "Truther", then you really are not after the truth. After all I simply pointed out a FACT, but it was something that you did not like so your going to rate me down.

How many

How many suspects and fugitives have been rendered out of, say, Israel?

Rendition is the fancy word for kidnapping and vigilante justice.

Well they put Ariel Sharon to sleep

So he does not count ...
(he was talking too much, they were probably worried he might talk too much about 911).


And the kidnapped Mordecai Vanunu, when he blew the whistle on Israel's nuclear program in the '80s.

The whole intention behind the rendition scheme...

is not just to get rid of potential troublemakers, but to have them tortured by other countries to get information. The US can render a suspect to someplace like Egypt or Syria knowing full well that the police and prison authorities or security services in those countries practice torture and will likely use it on their suspect to extract information to pass back to the US in order to curry favor with the US. That is the scheme in a nutshell. It exists so that for PR purposes the US authorities can hypocritically wash their hands of the torture stain. Using the rendition procedure some other country with a poor or non-existent human rights record does the actual hands on, dirty work of torturing suspects for them, The case of Syrian born rendition and torture victim Maher Arar is typical. Nafeez Ahmed is absolutely correct when he wrote, "The practice of rendition, linked inextricably to the facilitation of torture, is an integral part of the conduct of the western ‘War on Terror'."

Again..... What you describe

Again..... What you describe is EXTRORDINARY RENDITION, not the Rendition that Obama has returned it too.

Why are you people having such a hard time distinguishing between the two????

Rendition is kidnapping, but it is NOT part of Bush's Rendition that includes Torture. Obama returned it back to a more reasonable version. This version simply captures suspects and takes them to the country that they are wanted in for trial. It DOES NOT take them to some country that does torture and it has safe gaurds in place that Extrordinary Rendition did not.

What kind of truthers are you that you can't even do any research on the matter to understand what it is???