Lingering Questions from Beverly Eckert's group

President George W. Bush
updated May 13, 2004

As Commander-in-Chief on the morning of 9/11, why didn’t you return immediately to Washington, D.C. or the National Military Command Center once you became aware that America was under attack? At specifically what time did you become aware that America was under attack? Who informed you of this fact?


Vice President Richard Cheney

Please discuss the advice and plans of the Energy Advisory Council specifically as they relate to pipeline development and gas/oil exploration in Afghanistan, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries, and the feasibility of such development or exploration specifically in those two countries in 2001.


Condoleezza Rice
posted April 6, 2004

Regarding the meeting of Abdullah Abdullah (close aide to Massoud and now the Afghan Foreign Minister) in July , 2001, with “some top National Security Council (NSC) and State Department officials,” what information about al Qaeda did he convey?

Central Intelligence Agency

George Tenet, Director of the CIA

Why didn't the CIA share vital information about the terrorists with the FBI


Federal Bureau of Investigation

Robert Mueller, FBI Director, September 4, 2001-present

Which hijackers have been positively identified by DNA? Is the FBI in possession of DNA samples for all of the hijackers?


Questions for Director Mueller Regarding the Hijackers

Please explain how the passports of Mohammed Atta and Satam al-Sugam, both on Flight 11, survived the inferno to be found on the street near the World Trade Center.

•Who found the passports and what time where they found?
•Please describe the condition of each passport.
•Please explain how the passports of two hijackers survived the explosion and inferno........

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