Staged terrorism book featured in german mass media

Daniele Ganser, scientist at the University of Basel lectures in several issues around 9/11 and is an important and credible voice in spreading the truth, especially about World Trade Center 7. His talks are very well visited and famous.

Now, his latest book NATO's secret armies has been covered in german mass media as a "required reading". This is probably one of the best books about state-sponsored terrorism, even if it touches 9/11 only on the surface. The historical approach with several proven "flase flag" attacks during the cold war give even sceptics a good lecture in thinking about what governments are really capable of. Here is the television excerpt with subtitles:

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If one is interested in the person of Daniele Ganser, here are some more translated excerpts from television and talks:

If Ganser is hitting the MSM in Germany

this is a huge breakthough. HUGE!

"but still just 3-4% know what is a "false flage operation"."

Although I don't know where Ganser gets this figure from, it seems wholly credible, and if that's the case, it just goes to show you how much work needs to be done to reverse the 'brain washing' - i.e., internalized belief systems and frames that have been deliberately inflicted on the masses - to achieve an honest government. (Honest governments don't murder their own citizens, nor allow them to be murdered, nor do they kill hundreds of thousands of foreigners in the name of "freedom and democracy", when that is hardly the real goal.)

This is one reason why 911 truth activism has not made much of a dent. Because of the masses' internalized belief systems, they have trouble recognizing 911 as an example of a false flag incident. How could they, since they don't know about other false flag incidents, or even the phrase "false flag", itself? This is precisely why I have encouraged 911 Truth activists to not just focus on 911, but to take up the issue about re-educating Americans regarding their true history, including that of false flags. Although I'm not sure, I think Operation Gladio and the secret armies created in Europe may well be the best documented false flags, ever, for the simple reason that some of them were tried in court.