The thermite charges


That amount of thermite/thermate is way overblown.... this can be done with far less thermate/thermite than that. You wonder why people feel that this feat would have been impossible without hundreds of men setting charges. The charges that were used were much simpler than this... they had to be. The thermite reaction needed to cut the columns could have been and would have been much more compact.

I wish I knew of a way to illustrate this. Imagine a 4"X4" square metal solid box the length of the side of the WTC structural box column. Now drill out a 2" diameter chamber down the center of that 4" solid box which would leave 1" containment on each side. Now cut a 1/4" to 1/2" groove the length of the shaft on one side which penetrates the center 2" diameter. Line the inside of the 2" diameter shaft with a ceramic sheath with a corresponding groove. Fill the shaft with thermate/thermite. Attach metal end caps to cap shaft. Place detonator ignition in the grove. Attach full length magnets to grove side for easy attachment to column. Magnets probably set into notch cut into corners of 4" square metal box.

To attach scrape fireproofing off column at desired location. Maybe apply glue to magnet? Stick to column. My guess is that they had radio controlled computerized electric ignitions.

When ignited the endothermic reaction would begin via the ignition cord in the groove... the reaction would force the hot spray through the long grove in the device attached directly to the column creating a 5 to 7000 degree spray out the path of least resistance. Thus cutting the large box column like butter.

I think that they used these cutters to prep the columns for the explosions. If you cut the columns using thermate/thermite on three sides the columns would have remained standing. Waiting for the final blow which came from the explosive cutter charges. This would have minimized the visual and audible traces of explosive detonation. These charges would have also determined how the columns would have fallen by cutting them on whichever angle was needed.

Thermite was probably used in other ways and in other places just for extra umph but this is how I suppose they compromised this structure.
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I don't think so.

Well,my design is much less complicated than yours.

anyway,your method has 3 fatal flaws

1.As I showed,the critical cuts were made at the 105th floor -and- there were only I shaped beams,no box columns......

2.Drilling.Why to drill a hole,when you can easily adjust the device between the walls of H-column.(imagine simple beam on a joint,then rotate it..and .....wholala!

3.magnets..would fail in the heat,so they are useless

Overblown ammount of thermite?
No,the ammount is perfectly reasonable.Thermite isn't efficient,the preparators couldn't rely on small ammounts,just look at that

No,the column wouldn't remain standing after the loss of 3 walls,after all the thermite did not have to cut the walls,the heat would criple the column anyway.

Wasted Energy... Wrong Thermite...errr ate

There are several problems with this "Myth Busters" experiment as compared to my device

1.While they used a tremendous amount of thermite they did not use the thermite that we are seeing in the dust from the WTC which was an ionized particle mix which also contained high amounts of sulpher. A military grade concoction which is considerably more volatile. Burning much hotter and exhibiting far more explosive tendencies.

2. "Myth Busters" burned the thermite but the did not direct the energy of the burn. A majority of the energy of that reaction is wasted. The device I suggested would direct the energy of the burn towards the slot cut in the device forcing the energy from the reaction towards the path of least resistance thus creating a torch like effect. Not all of the thermate in the cylinder chamber in my device would burn instantly but as the reaction worked its way through from the side of the reaction. By controlling and directing the reaction you can create a more intense and precise cut. The device I suggested would fail at some point but not until the job was done and the column was severed.
These types of devices cold also be used on the "H" shaped columns at the 105th floor. One on the middle flange and one on each of the outer flanges.

I guarantee that my device would work. It may need to be modified slightly. Overall thermate capacity of size of groove. I was actually thinking about it a bit more last night and I think that there may need to be a small release port on each end of the grooved side so that the device would not create too much pressure from the reaction and blow itself off of the column due to the explosive power of the reaction. The port would release the excess force and also create a torch like spray allowing the device to maintain hold and direct the energy towards the column.

The magnets that would have been used would have been a much stronger variety. I believe they are called "Earth Magnets"

The remnants of this type of reaction can be found in the dust. The round micro-spheres are the result of a spraying reaction cutting the steel launching the molten steel into the air. My device would create the pressure and project a spray of molten steel.
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Now I see,the more theories we have the better the situation is.

But,I don't know,if the preparators would risk more of the accidental fire break-througs (remeber the 104th floor fire).
My scenario involves destruction of the devices in the collapse..and subsequent spraying of the molten iron in the air.

The 104/105th floor fore