Ottawa 9/11 Truth February Truth Action at Winterlude 2009

Members of Ottawa 9/11 Truth went to Winterlude 2009 for our February Truth to hand out DVDs to bring awareness regarding the other side of the story of 9/11. Winterlude is an yearly festival centered around the Rideau Canal which use to be the largest outdoor skating rink. This is a popular tourist attraction for the ice sculpture competition and other various other activities all over the city of Ottawa.

We encountered many Canadians who were largely unaware of this information due to the mainstream media cover up.

For a full report:

Best to view in HD.


Well done!

Solidarity from SF.
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job Ottawa 9/11 Truth. I link your video all the time:

ps. That collision after the cops leave was funny.

Our Efforts are Changing Minds

Ottawa Truth Video

I love seeing these TRUTH ACTIONS !!

Excellent job in the great white north!


Excellent as usual! Such a pro clip and message well done!

Love and the greatest respect John

9/11 24/7 UNTIL JUSTICE!!


Thanks for the compliments on the video.

I didn't even notice the collision until I was editing the video... :-)


Only wisdom can end such madness.