Daniele Ganser - part 1: How false flag conspirators were recruited

In the comming days, I will post several german-speaking interviews with Dr. Daniele Ganser, an academic historian from Switzerland who has researched false flag terrorism in Europe. Besides his publicity around the 9/11 truth movement, I think also his historical work about the so-called "secret armies" is extremly interesting. If you want to get several examples which false flag operations have been definetly proven, how they were uncovered, how they were interlocked with politicians or even brought to courts, Gansers work is a good place to start.

Here is the first video of several in a row. I try to translate about one segment each weekend after work and post them here:

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The 911 Truth Movement has not had much political impact in the US, and part of the reason is because false flag operations history is not known to the public, in general. Therefore, MIHOP and LIHOP interpretations of 911 seem very strange, and are likely to be dismissed out of hand. With no historical context, this reaction should not surprise us.

IMO, the 911 Truth Movement will not achieve much unless it broadens it's approach. Making the public aware of Ganser's work is a great way to do just that.

I have not read Ganser's book, so I am actually assuming a lot, here. In your opinion (if you have read the book), is it the best example we have of documentation of false flag operations by the West? I have assumed that this is the case since some events were tried in court, and standards of evidence should be high.



I read the section on Greece. It's not clear to me if the American/CIA controlled rightists who set bombs off in Greece before the '67 coup blamed the Greek left (bad on Ganser not to make this clear), however it seems likely.

Jack Maury, who had replaced CIA Chief of station Campbell in Athens, was
given the order to remove Papandreou. Adopting an arrogantly visible profile by
wearing loud suits and large rings and driving a large American car — 'bigger
than the ambassador's', as he was fond of pointing out - the CIA chief of station
demonstrated his power publicly. Secretly he conspired with King Constantine,
royalists and right-wing officers of the Greek military and secret service and in
July 1965 manoeuvred George Papandreou out of office by royal prerogative.21
Several short-lived governments followed each other after the silent coup while
the secret army, advised by KYP officer Konstantin Plevris, engaged in a clandestine
battle to manipulate the political climate. Several bombs exploded in the
country. In 1965, the Gorgopotamos bridge was blown to pieces by a bomb, just
as the political left and right joined to commemorate their resistance to the Nazi
occupation and, in particular, to commemorate their success in sopping the Germans
from blowing up the bridge during the occupation. The massacre left five dead
and almost 100 wounded, many gravely. 'Well, we were officially trained terrorists',
an officer involved in the secret stay-behind operations declared later, highlighting
that they had enjoyed powerful support.22

The support came from the administration of Lyndon Johnson in Washington
who already in the context of the war in Cyprus had made it clear to the Greek
government who was in charge. In summer 1964 President Johnson summoned
Greek ambassador Alexander Matsas to the White House and told him that
the problems in Cyprus had to be solved by dividing the island into a Greek and
a Turkish part. When Matsas refused the plan, Johnson thundered: 'Then listen to
me, Mr. Ambassador, Fuck your parliament and your constitution. America is an
elephant. Cyprus is a flea. Greece is a flea. If those two fleas continue itching the
elephant, they may just get whacked by the elephant's trunk, whacked good.' The
government of Greece, as Johnson insisted, had to follow the orders of the White
House. 'We pay a lot of good American dollars to the Greeks, Mr. Ambassador.
If your Prime Minister gives me talk about democracy, parliament and constitution,
he, his parliament and his constitution may not last very long.'23

When Matsas in consternation uttered 'I must protest your manner', Johnson
continued shouting 'Don't forget to tell old Papa - what's his name - what I told
you. Mind you tell him, you hear', whereupon Matsas cabled the conversation to
Prime Minister George Papandreou. As the US secret service NSA picked up the
message the phone of Matsas rang. The President was on the line: 'Are you trying
to get yourself into my bad books, Mr. Ambassador? Do you want me to get
really angry with you? That was a private conversation me and you had. You had
no call putting in all them words I used on you. Watch your step.'24 Click. The
line went dead.


Ganser has facts wrong

I saw my cousin yesterday, who grew up in Greece, and asked him about Ganser's work. He told me that the Gorgopotamos bridge was not saved by the Greeks during WW2, but rather destroyed by them (both leftists and rightists). Today he has sent me a link, as well, and it looks to me like Ganser has seriously screwed up.

See http://www.sa-snd.gr/docs-pdfs/operation%20harling.pdf .

Of course, this raises questions in my mind about the scholarship of the rest of his book. Does anybody know of critical reviews?


Thanks for digging this up

Have you thought of writing to Ganser himself to ask him about these contradictions?

daniele . ganser @ unibas . ch (remove the spaces)

His work is peer-reviewed, of course (it's his doctorate), but this doesn't mean you shouldn't be cautious with everything he says, of course:
You can find a criticial (it's a "conspiracy 9/11 theory book") review here: http://www.intelligence-history.org/reviews5-1.htm
And I found several remarks in this Wikipedia discussion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_talk:Verifiability/Archive_21


I had trouble finding his email on his website, however. So, I went to his review page, and sent a request to a reviewer (whose review has his own email address) and asked him to forward. I will now email Ganser directly.

His web page, http://www.danieleganser.ch/Besprechungen-von-Buechern.html , lists many reviews, but all but one is in German, and the other one is in Danish. I speak neither language, though I know how to say "Gesundheit!" :-)