Londonistan and More – Additions to the 9/11 Timeline as of February 16, 2009

Several of the new entries added to the 9/11 Timeline over the last couple of weeks focus on the issue of Londonistan--co-operation between radicals and British authorities. Shortly after 9/11, a Spanish judge named radical cleric Abu Qatada as al-Qaeda's spiritual leader in Europe, although Abu Qatada was also an informer for British intelligence who had been convicted in the Millennium bomb plot trial in Jordan. In the early 1990s, imam Bakri Mohammed called for the assassination of British Prime Minister John Major and Bakri also worked for the British at some point, as did Abu Hamza, who linked up with an al-Qaeda recruiting sergeant in 1999. Meanwhile, the British had failed to act on intelligence that could have prevented a wave of attacks in France.

There is also more information about officials important on the day of 9/11. FAA National Operations Manager Ben Sliney, whose first day on the job was 9/11, was offered the position in March, and Robert Marr of the Northeast Air Defense Sector gained experience of military exercises in the 1990s.

Two new entries about the hijackers point out that they used computers at a Florida public library and sought help at a pharmacy, leading to bioterrorism fears.

Miscellaneous entries cover planned cuts in the FBI's counterterrorism budget by Attorney General John Ashcroft in the summer of 2001, a "ridiculous" White House briefing for the 9/11 Commission on presidential daily briefs, and duct tape. Finally, an associate of Douglas Feith proposed a "team B" exercise for international terrorism shortly after 9/11. It was this proposal that set in motion the creation of the Office of Special Plans and the stovepiping of intelligence.

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Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?