A message from Ottawa 9/11 Truth

Recently a picture emerged of the new Leader of the Canadian Action Party (Dr Andrew Moulden) saluting in a US NAVY uniform. It is classified as an offence, punishable by jail, to wear an Officers uniform if you are not an officer. According to US NAVAL Regulation SECTION 4: LAWS, DIRECTIVES, U.S. NAVY REGULATIONS PERTAINING TO UNIFORMS Title 10, U.S. Code (1) Sec. 771‑Unauthorized wearing prohibited.

Here is another shot of the pic alledged to be from page 65 of the book ‘Massevidence’ by Andrew J Moulden

A complete description of this event can be found at the following link

Ottawa 9/11 Truth would like to point out that while it may appear that we were totally behind the Canadian Action Party, these efforts were the result of 2-3 of our members with a CAP Banner. When Connie Fogal was the leader of CAP, the party supported a new and independant investigation into 9/11 so the members of 9/11 Truth did not see a problem with the banner being there.

When viewing the new Canadian Action Party portal, 9/11 Truth does not appear to even be there. It may be and we missed it, but if it is, it’s not obvious like it used to be on the old site.

Until such time as the leader of the Canadian Action Party explains why he is seen here in a US Military uniform, Ottawa 9/11 Truth will be disassociating from the Canadian Action Party, the Ottawa-Vanier Canadian Action Party Association, and any events sponsored by CAP.

We here at Ottawa 9/11 Truth would like to apologize to anyone that got the impression that we were all members of the Canadian Action Party. The Truthaction.Org 'Eleventh of Every Month' campaign has always been a non-partisan campaign and does not affiliate with any one political party.

Yes, we will still be out on March 11, 2009. We hope you'll join us.

Thank You Ottawa 9/11 Truth

The work your group has done in Ottawa has been an inspiration for me and other activists in Canada. I look after our web site in Edmonton and for some time now disassociated the web site from CAP and all other political groups . This I did out of respect for our members and for all political parties in Canada (As we are the Media, I try to be unbiased myself) . The subject of 9/11 truth seemed non existent in Alberta by CAP during the last election, One candidate did not talk about 9/11 because she felt it was the wrong crowd to mention it (SPP Rally at the Alberta Legislature), To me this was unacceptable when the CAP web site clearly placed 9/11 truth as policy priority. Sounds a bit like the Ron Paul come - on lure to a lot of 9/11 truthers , as Ron Paul was never a 9/11 truther himself. I think its important to separate the 9/11 truth movement from political ambitions of others just the same way we should separate ourselves from anti American, anti Jewish hate groups that like to call themselves 9/11 truthers. Keep the focus 100% on 9/11 truth with out all the cling-ons.

Thank you Richard

It hasn't been easy so far.

Here's a message from one of the "2-3 members with a CAP banner"


I'm only posting this because it made me nervous.

The website may or may not disappear in the next few days because I do not control the domain. if so, the MySpace is always mine. I'm hoping that doesn't happen.

At this point, I'd like to point out that we haven't made any decisions about this issue. We're simply stepping back and demanding an answer from the new leader of CAP. We're also not doing a damn thing when Obama is here tomorrow. I hope he has a good time in Ottawa. It's a beautiful city.

Please save that mp3 for me and if anything weird happens, I'll try to let everyone know.

I can see why this phone

I can see why this phone message on this mp3 makes you nervous, it stands the hairs on my neck. , a small few of This Alex Jones/We Are Change crowd ( not saying all of them) most of this crowd are very civil and respectful decent folks, but there are a few disrespectful, in your face, disruptive people who attack small groups like a cancer and ultimately injures the integrity of the 9/11 truth movement. I would recommend contacting 911truth.org and talking to someone there who knows about activism and grassroots disruptions. They have literature dealing with disruptive behaviour with-in groups. You deserve respect and the telephone call you received was nothing more than disrespect.


Just as I thought, the guy who owned the domain just 'banned' me from my own group. Not sure what that means as we'll be out on March 11 all the same. This is the guy who was backing the guy in the pic up top.

"Mark, in view of recent developments your assistance as editor of the Ottawa 911 Truth .Com web site and moderator of the Ottawa 911 Truth .Com mailing list is no longer required.

This is a surprising turn of events that I have been trying to avoid, however shutting down in-person contact, telephone calls and refusing to address the core issues in the forum leaves me no choice at this point, but to proceed in this direction.

I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and thank you for all of the effort you have put in thus far. I sincerely hope we will be able to find common interests again in the future."

Very odd indeed, but not unexpected.