Ali al-Jarrah, cousin of Ziad al-Jarrah who allegedly was among the 19 hijackers who carried out the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, was arrested by Lebanese authorities on charges of spying for Israel.

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Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC


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Time to Face Reality

Time to face reality, these so called hijackers were monitered and infiltrated as heavy as it gets. For those that still refuse to accept this and want to try and convince themselves that this doesn't matter at the bare minimum you now have no choice, but to know, that as flight 93 hit the ground, the guy they told you did that, was questioned and released at the insistance of the CIA months earlier, and his cousin was at the same time working for mossad.

From the Article..."Mr. Jarrah has said he was recruited in 1983".....

From the archieves......

"(CNN) -- One of the September 11 hijackers was stopped and questioned in the United Arab Emirates in January 2001 at the request of the CIA, nearly nine months before the attacks, sources in the government of the UAE, and other Middle Eastern and European sources told CNN."

"He was released because U.S. officials were satisfied, according to sources."

incredible but credible

I wonder what the rest of the family does for a living?

The Little Drummer Boy

Since the Arab world knew in advance that 9/11 was about to go operational (many intelligence agencies, including those of Arab intelligence agencies, warned American authorities of the upcoming attacks) and would be an "inside job", meaning among other things that the supposed hijackers were really Western agents, you can bet that since that fateful day Ali al-Jarrah (and other family members) were being watched.

It is my opinion that Lebanon and Syria (and other Arab countries) had already “turned” Ali al-Jarrah long ago, and that Ali al-Jarrah had been for some time a double agent working for the Arabs. That would help to explain Israel’s incompetent invasion of Lebanon in 2006.

If I am correct then Israel would have suspected Ali al-Jarrah had been turned due to their bad misfortune in Lebanon, and would have set out to determine if he was now a double agent. When Israel was satisfied that Ali al-Jarrah was indeed a double agent (and there are many sheepish ways one can do this), then Israel would have to make the decision whether to use Ali al-Jarrah by having him forward bogus intelligence or severe the relationship with Ali al-Jarrah by outing him themselves. Welcome to the world of espionage!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Great find

& I'd like to see a independent investigator, follow up on the links between the "highjacker" & his Israeli spy cousin.