Barack Obama Administration Continues US Military Global Dominance

By Peter Phillips

The Barack Obama administration is continuing the neo-conservative agenda of US military domination of the world— albeit with perhaps a kinder-gentler face. While overt torture is now forbidden for the CIA and Pentagon, and symbolic gestures like the closing of the Guantanamo prison are in evidence, a unilateral military dominance policy, expanding military budget, and wars of occupation and aggression will likely continue unabated.

The military expansionists from within the Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Clinton, G. W. Bush administrations put into place solid support for increased military spending. Clinton’s model of supporting the US military industrial complex held steady defense spending and increased foreign weapons sales from 16% of global orders to over 63% by the end of his administration.

The neo-conservatives, who dominated the most recent Bush administration, amplified this trend of increased military spending. The neo-cons laid out their agenda for military global dominance in the 2000 Project for a New American Century (PNAC) report Rebuilding America’s Defenses. The report called for the protection of the American Homeland, the ability to wage simultaneous theater wars, to perform global constabulary roles, and to control space and cyberspace. The report claimed that in order to maintain a Pax Americana, potential rivals — such as China, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea — needed to be held in check. This military global dominance agenda required forward deployment of US forces worldwide and increasing defense/war spending well into the 21st century. The result was a doubling of the US military budget to over $700 billion in the last eight years. The US now spends as much on war/defense as the rest of the world combined, making Americans the highest war-tax payers in the world.

Barack Obama’s election brought a moment of hope for many. However, the Obama administration is not calling for decreased military spending, or a reversal of US military global dominance. Instead, Obama retained Robert Gates, thus making Obama the first president from an opposing party, in US history, to keep in place the outgoing administrations’ Secretary of Defense/War. Additionally, Obama is calling for an expanded war in Afghanistan and only minimal long-range reductions in Iraq.

The US military industrial complex is deeply embedded inside the Washington beltway. According to the most recent reports from, 151 members of Congress in 2006 had up to $195.5 million of their personal assets invested in defense companies.

Major defense contractors were seriously involved in the 2008 elections. Lockheed Martin gave $2,612,219 in total political campaign donations, with 49% to Democrats ($1,285,493) and 51% to Republicans ($1,325,159). Boeing gave $2,225,947 in 2008 with 58% going to Democrats, and General Dynamics provided $1,682,595 to both parties. Northrop Grumman spent over $20 million in 2008, hiring lobbyists to influence Congress, and Raytheon spent $6 million on lobbyists in the same period. In a revolving door appointment, Obama nominated Raytheon’s senior vice president for government operations and strategy, William Lynn, for the number two position in the Pentagon. Lynn was formally the Defense Department’s comptroller during the Clinton administration.

The International Monetary Fund’s prediction for global economic growth in 2009 is 0.5 percent—the worst since World War II. The United Nations’ International Labor Organization estimates that some 50 million workers will lose their jobs worldwide this year. There are an estimated 62,000 U.S. companies expected to close in 2009, and while official unemployment is at 7 percent in the US, when you add people no longer looking for jobs and part-time workers, joblessness is closer to 14 percent. The military-industrial-political elite are worried about the potential of increasing global insecurity. The answer inside the Obama Administration is to continue high defense/war spending to insure military control of both domestic and foreign instabilities.

The military, industrial, congressional, and administrative elite profit from defense spending, both financially and ideologically. Insider profit taking from pentagon spending is widespread in Washington. But perhaps more important is the belief that this global military machine is seen as necessary for the protection of US corporate interests and the American upper classes in an increasingly destabilized world. Given that belief, the Obama administration is unlikely to change the defense spending policies of the previous US administrations without significant disruptive pressure from anti-war activists and global empire resisters.

Peter Phillips is a Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University and Director of Project Censored a media research organization. His 2006 study on the Global Dominance Group in the US is available on line at:

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow


I feel so helpless.

me too - here's a suggestion

I feel helpless too.

Here's a suggestion: Take up an art form like painting or playing a musical instrument. The beauty of these types of endeavors is that we can keep on improving during our entire lifetimes (unlike so many other activities in which a ceiling is hit or in which we get worse as we age.) Because art forms like painting and playing a musical instrument are subjective - the joy of accomplishement is within our own spirit (as opposed to being measured by a scoreboard like in bowling or golf or in defeating an opponent like in tennis).

From the perspective of peace and preserving the environment, playing a musical instrument is hard to beat. For about $20, you can buy an nice plastic alto recorder (which is - believe it or not - a very high quality instrument if made by Yamaha for example) and have a life-long challenge. You will NOT be helpless as you practice and improve.

Painting is also an arena where you will not feel helpless. Wheareas oil paints can be a bit pricey, water colors and acrylics are very inexpensive, and it can really lift one's spirit to be "in charge" even if one is only "in charge" of a piece of paper or canvas.

Yes - I feel helpless too with respect to the overall world situation. It is enough to drive me to despair. Despite the countless hours I have spent trying to awaken my friends, I have seen almost no success at all (although I believe that I have sown the seeds of doubt with respect to the Official Government Conspiracy Theory). My friends are still clinging desparately to their illusion that elements within the US government would not be complicit in the murder its own citizens. But they are all having to face the undeniable fact that elements within the US government would certainly rob their own citizens by war-taxing them into poverty.

We MUST keep the joy of living alive.

This was my pep talk to myself, as I feel so helpless too.

life choices

Anyone who read my article, The Old American Dream-hope Obama, posted January 19, would know my thoughts of the mix bag of hope and peril under another war-on-terror president. Yet, I am still thankful we have this politician for president rather than John McCain or Hillary Clinton. Some say it does not matter - that McCain or Clinton would not have accelerated the war on terror more than Obama. I am not so sure.

But in another area that I am thankful for Obama, is that he is in the hot seat during the economic melt-down. He appears less crazy to go nuclear on us all - whereas George Bush is another story..and I am sure, still threatening the situation around us with the shadow government - a segment of the CIA.

Please note this issue from World Reports:

Catastrophic Banker's Ramp to Continue Under Obama

and see why the author of the article,
Christopher Story would claim:


This story fits in with Able Danger, and the self-funding secret cabal that pulls off stunts like false flag operations, assassinations, and financial theft on epic proportions!


ps.. for those feeling hopeless, don't rely on Obama - Support the peoples' voice - and grassroots campaign -

This November 3rd a City can VOTE YES
for an independent investigation on the events of September 11, 2001.

Fit to transmit in the post Cassini flyby era
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<> for life's survival in the 21st Century <>

I second a new 9/11 Investigation

We need this investigation. Even Jonathan Turley just said we don't need another Rove and cronies "investigation" like the 9/11 commission.

Question for Peter - what is the employment rate for those working in the US war industry? If they are experiencing unemployment, then we know that the military budget is going in the many deep pockets.

I know that prior to the

I know that prior to the election an email went out to all employees at Lockheed warning them that if they didn't vote "carefully" they would lose their jobs. They were asked to carefully weigh the choices if they wanted to keep their jobs. The implication that mccain would be good for war was obvious but not actually stated.

I think it is too soon to tell about their jobs, but pay cuts seem to be starting for some contractors.

911 Truth Ends 911 Wars