Stop US Occupations & Torture for Empire!

U.S. Out of Iraq & Afghanistan!
No Wars on Iran, Pakistan, Gaza!
The world can’t wait!

Come OUT to the first national protest of the wars under President Obama.

THURSDAY March 19 leave work & school to PROTEST the 6th anniversary of the Iraq War.

SATURDAY March 21 at the Pentagon.

Barack Obama says he will:

* leave 80,000 troops, thousands of private contractors, and 17 permanent bases in Iraq;
* send 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan, leading to more killings of civilians;
* keep sending robot drones over Pakistan, killing more civilians;
* deploy nuclear carriers with enough firepower to annihilate any country in the Mideast;
* support the Israeli siege on Gaza;
* keep in place the “secret rendition” program which Bush used to torture detainees;
* keep the government spying on citizens and continue Bush’s “state secrets” justification;
* increase the U.S. military by 92,000 troops, sending more to die for empire;
* refuse to investigate & prosecute the war and torture crimes of the Bush regime.

The election of the first black president is effectively re-branding preemptive and illegal wars of aggression to make us feel good about them, enlisting us to “serve and sacrifice” for horrors we have no good reason to support.

The U.S. war on Afghanistan is an unjust war of aggression—the supreme war crime, waged not to bring democracy and liberation to the Afghan people, but to control Afghanistan with the goal of permanent domination of the Middle East.

But, we don’t have to go along! It’s immoral to “wait and see” or hope for the best from Obama.

If you care about humanity, get in the streets to send a message to the world that there are millions of us who don’t want these crimes carried out.

It’s time now to take action & make our demands visible everywhere.
Find actions or organize one at (Veterans speaking at high schools to resist military recruiting)

The World Can't Wait - 866.973.4463 -

* keep in place the “secret rendition” program...

Is this so?

I heard all the CNN reports saying that he was wanting to close the secret CIA prisons overseas. However, if he keeps these extraordinary renditions in place, all that is changing is the place where the prisoners are being sent.

I have been a bit out of touch lately (moved to China) so If someone could source the article where Obama says the rendition programs are staying in place, it would be greatly appreciated.


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If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.