WTC7: Nist Finally Admits Freefall (Part IV)

Last year forced David Chandler forced NIST to admit that there was a 2,25-2,28s long period of freefall during the collapse of WTC7.
However NIST won't admit that these period of freefall occurred at the very start of the collapse (NIST did choose to pick up artificially early start time,but as far as we know there's no such a thing recorded in the collapse videos).

What does this freefall period mean?

It means that for the first 2,28sec of the global collapse there was no resistance from the crushed parts of the building.

Let's look at this number closely.

How many floors of the WTC7 didn't offer any resistance?

A freefalling object (the upper block of WTC7) would travel the distance of 25,50m (t=2,28s, 24,80m for t=2,25s)

A height of WTC7 floor was 3,89m.

So WTC7 suffered a freefall collapse over a span of 6,6 (6,4) stories!

Well,this number isn't exciting by itself,but if you know what to look immediately stuns you!


Remember the last summer and the leaked NIST report?

The report states:

"At 4:38 p.m. all of the windows between 13-44A and 13-47C were open, and the fires responsible for opening the windows had died down to the point where they could no longer be observed."

"These pulses continued for about 6 s"

"Just prior to the collapse of the building at 5:20:52 p.m. a jet of flames was pushed from windows in the same area. The event that caused this unusual behavior has not been identified."

wtc7 jet of flames from 3th floor

Well,6 seconds is about the time what I would expect from burning thermite charge,which could be used to cut some core column in that area,i.e. the pulse tells us the 13th floor could be attacked.

Let's say that there were cuts at the 13th floor!

Then,why did the building suffer a freefall collapse over the span of 6-7 stories?

Maybe one cut at core column wasn't enough.So,we're left with two cuts at the core column ..and that's when the 6-7 stories figure comes to play a role!

What was 7 (6) stories below the 13th floor?
Answer:the 6th floor!A mechanical one,where would some demolition preparation go unnoticed!

Remember Barry Jennings?

this part is important:

Oh,what a coincidence!He witnessed explosion on the 6th floor!


Recap:At the onset of the WTC7 collapse there was a 2,28s long period of freefall,hence the upper block of WTC7 fell at freefall speed for about 25m.

The distance of 25m is the same as the distance between the 13th and 6th floor.
There was an unusual jet of flames pushed from the windows at the 13th floor before the collapse,the 6th floor was a mechanical floor,Barry Jennings witnessed a collapse of stairway at the 6th floor.....

This is consistent with predemoltion weakening at the 13th and 6th floor.


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