Announcing Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth

Alan Miller told me about this new group.

Here's the press release:

Medical Professionals
for 9/11 Truth

Respected Medical Professionals Launch Petition Demanding New Investigation into the Events of 9/11

February 24, 2009 - An alliance of doctors, dentists, nurses, therapists, researchers, and other medical professionals today announced the formation of Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth and its petition calling for a new investigation into the events of 9/11. The group’s website is at

“As medical professionals, we are dedicated to the service of humanity; to alleviating suffering, to improving health, preventing disease, and to preserving life,” said co-founder Jonathan Weisbuch, MD, MPH. “We are horrified by the terrorist acts of 9/11 and the senseless suffering and loss of life resulting from them.”

“However,” he continued, “as medical professionals, we are trained in science and logical reasoning. We are appalled by the lack of scientific rigor and the substantial omissions and blatant distortions in the official account of 9/11 as embodied in the 9/11 Commission Report and related government documents.”

Dr. Weisbuch is a prominent public health physician and administrator and previously served as the Chief Health Officer for the States of Wyoming and North Dakota, as well as Los Angeles County, CA, and Maricopa County, AZ (Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale).

Co-founder Barry Komisaruk, PhD, added, “The official account of the events of 9/11 is so riddled with contradiction and implausibility that an objective re-examination is necessary to set the record straight. We need to know who was really behind the events and bring them to justice to prevent them from striking again. We can no longer afford to allow our government to use deadly force in our name based on falsified information.”

Dr. Komisaruk serves as Rutgers University Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean of the Graduate School. He is also Adjunct Professor, Department of Radiology, New Jersey College of Medicine.

Numerous prominent doctors, dentists, nurses, therapists, researchers, and other medical professionals have signed the group’s petition, including:

  • Mary Ellen Bradshaw, MD – Past President, American Association of Public Health Physicians and Former Chief, Bureau of School Health Services, Department of Public Health, Washington, DC.
  • John W. Travis, MD, MPH – Physician and author. A leading figure in the wellness movement
  • Joanna Santa Barbara, MB BS, FRANZCP, FRCP(C) – Past President, Physicians for Global Survival, the Canadian affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), which as an organization received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985.
  • Michael D. Knox, PhD – Distinguished Professor of Medicine, University of South Florida. Recipient of the 2007 Anthony J. Marsella Prize for the
    Psychology of Peace and Social Justice at the 115th Annual Meeting of the
    American Psychological Association, an award presented annually by Psychologists for Social Responsibility, recognizing him for more than four decades of outstanding contributions to peace and humanitarian assistance.
  • Meridale Dewar, MD, CCFP, FCFP – Past President, Physicians for Global Survival, the Canadian affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), which as an organization received the Nobel Peace Prize
    in 1985.
  • Carlos Vassaux, MD – Former cardiovascular researcher, Harvard Medical School. Former Fellow, Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation. Founder and Past President of the Guatemalan affiliate of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), which as an organization received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985.

Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth invites all medical professionals to join and sign its petition calling for a new investigation of the events of 9/11. More information can be found on the group’s website at


For the record, I would like to thank Jonathan Mark who first brought this to my attention last month, but they were not ready to go public just yet.

The Logo

Fantastic! This will dynamically help the 9/11 Truth Movement.

There is tremendous credibility & influence with this type of group. Think about it...most Americans follow the Doctor's or Nurse's orders. An added benefit with the Medical Profession is that this is typically a financially affluent group. (Example: A short-coming many local groups face is a lack of funds (lack of affluent members) in order to disseminate quantities of DVDs or flyers. Our Dallas Group has distributed more than 31,000 DVDs, but it has meant beans and rice for some meals. ;) )

Professional athletes....

would help wake up a huge segment of the population if only we could get them on board.

That would be great,

but I'm not holding my breath. The highest profile professional athletes are corporations unto themselves.
Professional sports in the U.S.A. is a massive, MASSIVE money maker, and very few if any of those benefiting from this gravy train will say anything. Even more so now that it is increasingly apparent that Pat Tillman was murdered in part because he was prepared to blow the whistle on our illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I would like to see "Natural News" feature "MP for 911 Truth"

"Natural News"
"Natural News" often has reports revolving around Austrian Economics and the Federal Reserve, but recently is in the process of moving that type of news to a sister site. I would like to see them link to this story of the formation of "Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth".

Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth


Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth

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And in the UK

we have, to name a few:

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Oh, but of course...

All of these medical professionals can have their logical fallacies of conspiratorial thinking corrected by the good folks of the James Randi edu-meh-cational foundation. After all, they pweach cwitical thinking there, and they all KNOW the OCT is correct. If these medical professionals give them a visit, they will come to their senses and stop falling for the woo-woo.


Seriously, this is a fantastic development. It's times like this, as an activist, that you can feel the reverberation of the ripple effect.

Great development!

This must indeed be a hard swallow for James Randi. We now only need Magicians for 911 Truth. Any takers?

By the way, does anybody remember Dr David Kelly, the weapons scientist? Medical experts doubted that his dead was a suicide, and even placed adds in newspapers, and wrote letters to newspapers (i.e., ). To no avail YET, but let's hope this will also be cleared up.

Dr David Kelly's death has not been forgotten

- despite the BBC "Conspiracy Files" attempt to spin it away.

Norman Baker, Lib Dem Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, took a sabbatical to write The Strange Death of David Kelly.


Magicians for 9/11 Truth makes sense. They're experts in misdirection, of which there was plenty on 9/11. I recall William Rodriguez commented on this aspect; I think he trained as a magician.

And then there's the attempted misdirection of 'no planes' and 'space beams'.

Don't forget hypnotists and comedians for 9/11 truth

Don't forget hypnotists and comedians for 9/11 truth. And I am serious too.
Hypnotists, like magicians, are experts in the manipulation of the subconscious mind.

And a skillful comedian like Bill Cosby, can illuminate truths by breaking down people's defenses with humor. Mark Twain said that "Humor was the human race's greatest weapon against a humbug, yet we leave it lying rusting."

" For your race, in its poverty, has unquestionably one really effective weapon--laughter. Power, Money, Persuasion, Supplication, Persecution--these can lift at a colossal humbug,--push it a little-- crowd it a little--weaken it a little, century by century: but only Laughter can blow it to rags and atoms at a blast. Against the assault of Laughter nothing can stand."
- from Mark Twain's "The Mysterious Stranger ."

The Public's Perception of Doctors - Gallop Poll

This is an excerpt of an article and commentary is taken from

It is interesting to note the "trust factor" in medical professionals per survey results.
As a sidenote, there is mentioned the phrase: "when a health truth is first reported, it is often ridiculed or ignored entirely"


History sure has a tendency to repeat itself, and I would venture to say that in another 100 years, possibly less, your descendants will be looking back on many of the common practices doctors recommended in 2009 -- and regarding them as utterly foolish, just as we do when we watch this video.

Back then, of course, a doctor’s advice had much more authority and credibility, and few would be so bold as to go against it. So you can imagine the influence a commercial like this would carry. Fortunately, the advent of the Internet has done quite a bit to put doctor’s recommendations into a more realistic perspective.

Still, just a few years back a December 2006 Gallup poll compared how people rated the honesty and ethical standards of people of various professions. Doctors were rated “very high” for honesty and ethics and were fourth from the top of the list at 69 percent, exceeded only by veterinarians, pharmacists and nurses, who rated highest.

In other words, 69 percent of people polled believed their doctors were honest and ethical.

A similar Harris Poll from July 2006 compared how likely people are to trust another person, based on the other’s profession. Again, doctors topped this list -- 85 percent of the people polled believed they could trust their doctors, followed by 83 percent for teachers, and 77 percent for scientists.

This is not to say that doctors across the board shouldn’t be trusted. Just that, throughout history, many well-meaning physicians have made very serious errors in judgment very similar to the TV commercial posted above. And this is still going on today.

Obviously, doctors are no longer promoting smoking, but they're wholeheartedly endorsing treatments that may be even more absurd and dangerous, such as relying on drugs for virtually every disease while virtually ignoring the underlying causes of disease.

It Can Take 100 Years for Health Truths to Be Accepted

Today we look at it as obvious that smoking is not a particularly healthy behavior. This change in perception didn’t come about until 1957, when then-Surgeon General Leroy Burney reported a causal link between smoking and lung cancer.

Even then, it wasn’t until 1964 -- when Burney’s successor Luther Terry commissioned a special committee that produced Smoking and Health: Report of the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General -- that a massive shift began in people’s attitudes about smoking.

But here’s a fact that may surprise you: an English physician by the name of Charles R. Drysdale actually issued a report confirming the dangers of smoking long before that … in 1878!

And Drysdale had reportedly been on an anti-smoking crusade since at least 1864, the same year he published a study showing that tobacco could cause jaundice, “distressing palpitations of the heart,” and other health issues in young men. He even wrote a book explaining the negative impact nicotine could have on your lungs, circulation system, and skin … and also warned people about the risks of second-hand smoke.

Yet as is so common when a health truth is first reported, it is often ridiculed or ignored entirely, and that is what happened to Drysdale’s work.... --Dr Mercola