ZERO (The 911 Documentary Film): March 2009 Scheduled projection, major cities, France

Thanks to the French Association for 911 Information which bought the rights for France: ZERO, the 911 film (with French subtitles) is to be projected in major cities in France. BELOW PLEASE FIND LIST OF CITIES AND DATES. For those of you who do not know about the film, here is the eight minute trailor:

Bande annonce de Zéro (8 premières minutes du film) from reopen911 zero on Vimeo.
Schedule of projection events in France major cities (sometimes with presence of F. Fracassi: director of ZERO):
* 13 March 2009:
o Marseille - Cinéma Le Prado (20:00)

* 16 March 2009:
o Paris (6e) - Action Christine (20:00)

* 17 March 2009:
o Paris (6e) - Action Christine (20:00)

* 20 March 2009:
o Lyon - Cinéma CNP Les Terreaux - Débat avec le réalisateur F. Fracassi (20:00)

* 21 March 2009:
o Grenoble - Cinéma Le Club - Débat avec le réalisateur F. Fracassi (14:00)

* 25 March 2009:
o Bordeaux - Mégarama - Débat avec G. Chiesa (19:30)

* 27 March 2009:
o Saint-Etienne - Le Mélies - Débat avec le réalisateur F. Fracassi (20:30)

* 28 March 2009:
o Nice - Espace Magnan - Débat avec le réalisateur F. Fracassi (20:30)

* 4 March 2009:
o Paris (5e) - Studio des Ursulines (20:00)

* 17 March 2009:
o Caen - Cinéma Le Lux (to be confirmed) (20:00)


good news

thanks for posting this, Lesage..

my group, Valley 9/11 Truth has shown Elephant In The Room several times. I find this film to be one of the best introductory films into the truth-awareness world community, and exposes what we are up against by corrupt media and politics. Also, it touches very poignantly on the human health conditions of many still suffering from the deception and betrayal. Reality is better than anything we can make up.

I watched an interesting Bill Moyers Journal* on
February 20, 2009 with guest, Parker Palmer. Palmer, a writer, traveling teacher and activist, said, "We don't want to know what we really know, because if we did, we'd have to change our lives."
* Watch Video or Read Transcript

I think we will show the Elephant film again this spring. The film gives the truth movement dignity, and exposes the unreality of two planes knocking down 3 steel-framed buildings at near free fall speeds, especially while there is evidence that explosives were used, and a major cover-up continues.

Time for many to wake up and re-examine the launching of the so-called war on terror.

This PDF shows why -

I hope the world truth community can join us on the 8th anniversary on 9/11 that falls on a weekend this year in NYC. Be great to have the Pioneer Theater show this and other truth films.. and to grow steady support for a NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative for a referendum vote Nov. 3.


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I should think Dean would

I should think Dean would appreciate such a positive endorsement of "The Elephant" and I would wholeheartedly agree with your opinion of the film.

Thanks to this International Truth Movement:

These are exciting times.

As NWO Cronies crumble in impossible to win wars of invasion and occupation, and financial Chaos, 911 may perhaps (at last) start to have some meaning to those who will be standing in the Ever Growing Bread-Lines.

Prepare for the May Worldwide Freedom Festivals of 2009, when the weather is good...

Best greetings to all comrades of the Truth Movement: Health, Prosperity, Justice, For All.

lesage, France

Who Deactivated The Pentagon's Missile Shield On 9/11?

ZERO is the only documentary to showcase the existence of the anti-aircraft missile batteries at the Pentagon reservation on 9/11. Actually ZERO shows the sixth missile battery that was hidden at ground level. The Pentagon had five other missile batteries (as recounted by Barbara Honegger, John Judge and Thierry Meyssan ) on the roof hidden in fake A/C housing.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

ZERO- Entire Film

I just burned 60 copies yesterday

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


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Where in the film?

"Actually ZERO shows the sixth missile battery that was hidden at ground level."

It looked like a computer reconstruction to me. Or perhaps you are talking about something else, in which case please tell me at what point in the film that was shown.

The Sixth Sense

Vesa, yes, it was the animation of the missile battery that I was talking about. I didn't mean ZERO showed the real missile battery!

Anyway, three years ago a work colleague of mine had a discussion with a National Airport official who confirmed to him that SIX batteries were present on 9/11. That account corroborates the three other persons' account of the missile's existence, whom I name in my previous comment. The only difference between the two accounts is that the National Airport official said that a SIXTH battery was hidden at ground level on the Pentagon reservation.

Woodward and Bernstein needed three sources before they made serious accusations in their Watergate reporting. Well, I have FOUR corroborations on the existence of the Pentagon's missile batteries on 9/11! That is plenty.

If the five missile batteries weren't on the roof, then the Pentagon would have long ago called Thierry Meyssan's bluff (after he revealed in 2002 that French and Jordanian military officers told him of the five missile batteries they saw on the roof during a tour of the Pentagon), thereby discrediting Thierry Meyssan and wounding the 9/11 Truth Movement. As we all know, the Pentagon never called Thierry Meyssan's bluff, and the roof of the Pentagon is NOT top secret.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Spreading the News...

The Truth just keeps spreading. Thanks to everyone playing a role in this. Hope the will of the people isn't completely broke. Some people can't believe the government would ever do anything like 9/11. I can't believe some people would find out and not give a shit. It's unbelievable to me. We need to empower people somehow to envision real change possible of occurring etc. If we ever get control of our government we could really change things real quick. Think Kucinich with a lot of power. Or a majority of Kuciniches with a little Ron Paul and a healthy dose of Cynthia McKinney.

"MAN ON WIRE" Wins Best Doc Oscar

While it does not address 9/11, it has awesome footage of the Towers' construction and brings more attention to the Towers.




Too much...evidence. Too much!

Tell Michael Fat$o, what's his name.. , to make a movie.about this:

FUSA (Former USA) like the Former Soviet Union: Your videos have not been received here in Europe..

This guy from Texas...*%*µf...**

Realise that you will have beg the Egyptians for culture and food.

Best and warm regards from France


Agreed. I think there actually is some value to 9/11 truth in this film, if only because of all the aerial shots clearly showing those multiple columns at the core, that the omission comission would have people believe were only 'hollow shafts.'