911 WTC7 CBS Breakthrough

(Note: This dates from July of 2008. It wasn't circulated very well, that's for sure. -rep.)

Local Chico, California CBS station airs piece on the Truth movement.


They actually presented it as news in a non-judgmental, journalistic manner. They also showed three views of the collapse of WTC 7. They get it! They showed it!

This needs to go viral. So far, it's only had 368 views. People should be encouraged to send the URL for this video or a copy to their local TV stations.

Great post! I just used this for our local CBS affiliate.

I just sent this out to our local Dallas-Ft Worth CBS affiliate. ...and also to some other sources of local news. In the email, I encouraged the newspaper or TV station or radio to run a story about 9/11 Truth. I also provided the link to AE911Truth. http://www.ae911truth.org/

In years past, there had been a stigma of "skepticism" attached to the subject of 9/11 Truth. With clips like this as an example, we can encourage our local media to run a story. Clips like this make it an acceptable story to run. It positions 9/11 Truth as an appropriate content.

Now that's more like it!

Better late than never, that's for sure. They even showed the Building 7 footage!

There seems to be an angle of local pride in the piece, claiming that the '9/11 truth and justice movement' was born in Chico. I don't know about the veracity of that claim; but if it encourages local news to give coverage like this, I really don't care. Let a thousand 'birthplaces' of the movement bloom!

Chris, are you from Chico? And am I mistaken in thinking I've seen another respondent on this list identify themselves as from Chico? Just curious.


Grazyna Samborska found this clip and posted it to the AE911Truth team.

Will add this to my facebook

Will add this to my facebook page ("Betsy Orr Metz") where I've connected to hundreds of truthers all over the world.


One of the best

This has to be one of the best as far as balance and accuracy of 9/11 Truth content from the mainstream media, even though it was just a local media market report and not nationwide. Kudos to the Chico group and keep up the great work! This should be uploaded and shared everywhere. So much for the debunking idea that the 9/11 Truth movement is dying.

"I would imagine that if you took the top expert in that type of work and gave him the assignment of bringing these buildings down with explosives, I would bet that he could do it." -1993-John Skilling, Head Structural Engineer WTC Towers

Holy sh*t!

.............REAL NEWS ! To bad this wasn't prime time on all major stations. A small station to a town of 300?
Aired at 4am? Ok I won't complain. I give credit to the station that aired it.

It was the 11:00 PM news

This wasn't aired at 4:00 AM. The clip shows it was the 11:00 PM news.

I would also think there are a lot more than 300 people in the viewing audience of that TV station at that time slot. CBS affiliate KHSL is also number one in news in Northern California according to their webpage.

Granted it wasn't a major city but it is likely that that station has a potential million viewer audience and there could have easily been 40 to 50 thousand people watching that station at that time.


There were about 100 people in the hall listening to Dr. Robert Bowman.


..... Read my last sentence. Anyway it's 9:13 pm and i am getting tired.

I realize you were okay with it

Wisdom, I didn't take it that you were knocking the airing of the piece, but that it is a shame this is all that is ever done and that there isn't any coverage like this in large cities.

I just wanted to add that it was probably a little better than an airing in a one redlight town.

More information

I think this was discussed here back when it happened.

The greater Chico area for KHSL TV Channel 12 includes Redding, and all of the cities in between, including Oroville and cities south, so the number of people that saw it was easily in excess of 100,00 people. (possibly ~250,000 potential)

There were over 200 people attending the event, which was greater than the Sacramento event, and almost all of the others Robert Bowman did.

It was around this time, and in part because of this, that Alex Jones said (paraphrased), "Chico, CA is a hotbed of 9/11 Truth activism."

Since that time, the group has unfortunately become defunct. The founder went off to do Chico Patriots, which failed, and one of the Core Team members began working with AE911Truth, which caused the group to slowly fade away. (most of these groups have a few people who do 90% of the work, and when they get burnt out, or go off to do something else, the groups often falter and/or fail) At their height, they were only able to gather about 30 semi-regular members, and less than 100 overall.

Here is a link to their website:


9/11 Blogger Announcement

Originally posted and discussed in June 2007: