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Obama - Change we can Deceive In - A listing of parallels

This grouping of items, mainly foreign policy issues, suggests that there isn't going to be much change in the years to come, with the notable exception that the pitchman, Obama, is undoubtedly a superior speaker and source of inspiration to those easily misled.

I compiled these sources for use in bombarding the pro-Obama left-wing sites, where they should be very effective. I anticipate that the most probable remarks will be of the "He hasn't had much time yet to form these changes, etc, etc."

If there are others that I have missed, please add them in the comment section below.

Change we can Believe In????

Obama's Drug war same as Bush

Obama defers to Military on Iraq

Obama Continuing the PNAC global domination project

Obama increases defense spending $200billion more

Obama may shoot down North Korea missile test

Obama's Iraq plan a lot like Bush's-Maddow

McCain and the GOP like Obama's Iraq plans

Obama escalating Afghanistan with troop deployment - 17k additional troops

Obama adopts Bush Wiretapping position before Court

Obama Admin negotiating with Rove re: subpoenas, so HIS Presidential powers are not weakened

Obama adopts BushCo policies on detainees and renditions

Obama tries to kill Bush White House email case

Obama does 180 reversal on State Secrets position - supports Bush position

Obama Admin threatens UK over torture information release - Bush Intimidation tactics

Obama CC's Bush on Iraq War policy changes (notifying phone-call to Bush)

Obama's Israel/Gaza policy approximately the same as Bush, gave approval to Gaza attacks - Chomsky

Obama continues Bush Pakistan missile strikes

Obama administration officials still pushing the Iranian nuclear weapons sales pitch,0,3478184.story,0,3656420.story

Obama has adopted the Shock Doctrine sales strategy to push his agenda. Must pass his spending bills now or face unmitigated disaster

Obama dispatches Henry Kissinger for talks with Russians

Obama continuing Bushs' Faith Based Initiatives

Obama, a regime rotation in the Empire

wow, way to put it in perspective, thanks

Like Bush, Obama is not interested in investigating 9/11 and supports the ludicrous 9/11 Commission Conspiracy Theory:

Obama: "I don’t think anybody predicted 9/11"

Obama and 9/11: Part 1 By Michael Hasty

Obama Addresses 9/11 Government Complicity: Possible President responds to an Infowars reader

Like Bush, Obama stacked his cabinet with neocons, hawks and corporate insiders:

This is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama's White House By Jeremy Scahill


Who are the Architects of Economic Collapse? Will an Obama Administration Reverse the Tide? by Michel Chossudovsky

And like Bush like Obama on rendition:

Obama Orders Continuation Of Illegal CIA Renditions- Human Rights Watch: Illegal kidnapping and imprisonment under Bush = "basic violation", illegal kidnapping and imprisonment under Obama = "legitimate"

EDIT: Obama on warrantless wiretapping: google search gets 161,000 hits:

Still, I'm glad it wasn't McCain; Obama's one of those "elites" that favors investment in renewable energy, Net Neutrality and broadband access- these are technologies that are educating and empowering the People, leveling the playing field between the parasites and the productive.

Use of signing statements:


Obama’s Signing Statement Disappears Whistleblowers

Obama's continued use of presidential signing statements undermines system of checks and balances

Sent this email to the White House:

President Obama's use of signing statements (like Bush's) appears to have no Constitutional or legal justification. As paraphrased in the Jurist, it seems clear that Obama and whoever is advising him on this are asserting that the President has the authority to decide what's Constitutional, rather than the Courts:

"In narrowing the occasions upon which he would seek to exercise this claimed power, President Obama declared his intention to follow four principles, as summarized below:

1. Inform the Congress of the administration's constitutional concerns about pending legislation.

2. Construe legislation passed by Congress as presumptively constitutional, and only use "well-founded" methods of constitutional interpretation as the basis for finding that legislation is not constitutional.

3. Provide enough specificity to make clear the nature and basis of any constitutional objection asserted.

4. Construe a statutory provision in a manner that avoids a constitutional problem only if that construction is a legitimate one."

The Constitution clearly describes the President's role as one of executing the laws passed by Congress; not the creation or interpretation of the law:

"Congress passes legislation; the president may sign or veto the legislation. If the president signs the legislation, all of its provisions become law, unless adjudged unconstitutional by the courts. If the president vetoes the legislation, and Congress overrides the veto, the legislation becomes law and the president must enforce it, unless directed to do otherwise by the courts. That is the supreme law of the land. That is our system of checks and balances. To allow the president to choose which laws to apply undermines our Constitution and the freedoms that depend upon it."

Obama would do well to get more advice on this; he may have committed a treasonous act in his first signing statement. That Bush was not impeached by a derelict Congress is no excuse for Obama to also subvert the Constitution.

military commissions, iran nukes, industry shills, torture

Military Commissions for detainees:

ACLU: Obama’s revival of tribunals strikes blow to rule of law

Fear/War mongering regarding Iran's alleged nuclear bomb program:

Obama Administration Statements on Iran Nukes Not Backed by Intelligence

Putting industry shills in charge of agencies created to protect the public interest:

Obama Picks a Clarence Thomas for the EPA

Blocking investigation of torture:

Helen Thomas Ridicules Obama Torture Investigation Stance With Bush Comparison

Detainee Photos: Obama Seeks To Block Release

Obama Administration asserts that US can torture w/ impunity

as well as deny human rights to human beings, simply by declaring us "suspected enemy combatants" - and this is upheld by the Supreme Court:

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Suit Seeking Accountability for Guantanamo Torture


US: Guantanamo Prisoners Not ‘Persons’

Dred Scott Redux: Obama and the Supremes Stand Up for Slavery

Obama Supports Extension of Patriot Act

ACLU: Obama’s reversal on Patriot Act reform ‘a major travesty’